Aldi Expressi Coffee Machine Christmas Fun

I love my coffee and I love my Aldi Expressi Coffee Machine!

Instead of buying coffee everyday when I leave work, most days I come home and simply make my own, saves money and with so many different pods to pick from, there is plenty of taste variety.

I do have to go out of my way to get to an Aldi, but about every two weeks I made sure I detour as coffee pods, marzipan and the best deodorant ever need refilling.

Aldi have also introduced seasonal coffee pods in cute little 8 packs.

Getting into the spirit of sweet treats as Christmas time, I picked up a pack of Caramel Nutty Praline and Triple Fudge. The flavours are fabulous, but even for my sweet tooth, they are little too much.

BUT, we did a little experimenting and we used one coffee pod and one flavoured pod and oh boy, we have hit the flavour jackpot!

aldi coffee

I only like drinking coffee out of a mug (I am not mucking around with a little cup full!) so both pods used together make a great drink for a mug. I always put a little milk in the bottom of my mug and heat it in the microwave for 20 seconds before extracting the coffee as mine will often go cold as I get side tracked more often than not.

If you don’t already have a coffee machine at home, invest under $100 and you can have one today. There are so many flavours and strengths to choose from, try them all and find your favourites.

(This is not a sponsered post, I just love sharing things that are awesome)

3 thoughts on “Aldi Expressi Coffee Machine Christmas Fun

  1. Yes, it is really good coffee machine, I already used it. It is very useful machine for espresso coffee. Everybody can use this, Who wants to make espresso coffee. Thanks for sharing this post.

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