3 Ways to Keep the Garden Healthy While You’re Away

3 Ways to Keep the Garden Healthy While You’re Away

People always think to look after pets when you go on vacation, but want about the plants! There are many different prescribed ways of keeping animals healthy, but there are very few ways of making sure your plants won’t die while you are away. The only step you can really take is paying someone else to water your plants while you are away. That only works for plants that require no special treatment and even then it’s hard to trust that they intend to actually do it. Here are some alternatives to aimless trust or coming back to a brown garden.


Picking the Right Place

For indoor plants and some outdoor ones it is important to pick your location before you go on holiday. Indoor obviously makes this easier, you can pick any place in the house to keep them. The best place would be somewhere ini sunlight but out of the direct line. As close to directly outside of a window that is covered by sheer curtains as possible would be best. You should also place them somewhere that is cool, but not cols if at all possible. For outdoor plants this is harder, but with makeshift awnings or shades you can obstruct a little of the direct light. Being careful during planting can also make this easier.

Rainwater Spraying

Watering is rather difficult without you being there, but for outdoor plants there are a few ways of managing it rather easily. The first thing you will need is a good old fashioned rainwater tank. You can quite easily link the tank up to a sprinkler system that will allow you to let off timed sprays to all the outdoor plants throughout the days when you aren’t there. All you need to do is pick up the tank, the sprinkler and a couple of liners and protectors that you can pick up. All you have to do is click here for a selection of tank accessories.

Don’t Let the Water go

The most important part of dealing with water over a long period of time is not letting it out. To this end you can embed pot plants in mulch, you can use damp towels and sodden newspaper placed under or in the pots to keep them damp for as long as possible. This leaves the problem of making sure any outdoor plants are cared for. To that end you can construct a simple water contained tent by placing a white plastic bag supported by stakes or bamboo and drenched in water when you begin.

There aren’t a lot of things you can do to keep your garden healthy while you are away, and no alternative is perfect. However taking as many steps as possible could be the difference between coming home to a garden a little worse for wear, and coming home to a dehydrated brown mess.

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