A Magical Mothers Day

I am blessed, I have two gorgeous girls that love me to bits, I have a wonderful mother and an awesome brother that slaves for hours in the kitchen preparing a feast worthy of royalty so that mum and I can relax and enjoy our special day.

Today I celebrated my 17th Mothers Day, and when my family get together for an occassion, it is all about the food. My family have spent decades in the hospitality industry, so it really is all about the food. A BBQ chook from the supermarket just will not cut it.

This morning there was hugs and kisses and gifts and a yummy breakfast (not served in bed, as I do not do crumbs amoungst the sheets!).

Coffee in my new Mothers Day Mug
Coffee in my new Mothers Day Mug

Our family get togethers are not quite as frequent as they used to be since my parents retired up to the beautiful Sunshine Coast, but it is lovely when we do get together and my brother kindly volunteers to do Mothers Day for us.

Today we were treated to :-

Baked Ricotta on a salad of Baby Greens, Walnuts and Pear

Fillet of Beef with Herb butter, Potato Bake and Green Beans

Double Chocolate Tart with Caramel Pecans and Burnt Fig Ice Cream

And there was chocolate...
And there was chocolate…

I love our get togethers, over a glass or three of Sav Blanc, we get to catch up on all the gossip and everyday goings on that you miss out on when you are caught up in busy everyday life.

This very contented mum is going to bed with a very full stomach, very grateful for the loving family I have, very pleased that I didn’t have to decide what’s for dinner and I didn’t even have to do the dishes, yay!

Hoping that you had a wonderful day or were able to make your Mother feel extra special.

What wonderful things did your Mothers Day entail?

One thought on “A Magical Mothers Day

  1. I didn’t know I had such a clever daughter. Welldone Nikki I have enjoyed reading it all. Don’t know where the artistic streak comes from as it is not from Your Mum or Dad.
    Must say, I sometimes would like to turn the clock back see-comments about my mother.I tried as hard as I could but was a very young and inexperienced mother as I lost mine when I was 12 as you know.
    I shall continue learning from my daughter.
    Keep up the good work.I love it.

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