How To Make A Refreshing Foot Powder

As wonderful as our feet are, they can be a bit smelly and sticky, especially in the hot weather.

This beautiful powder smells wonderful, has antiseptic qualities and is even useful to help reduce rubbing in new shoes.

I created this for use in my clinic for clients after a massage as your feet get massage oil on them and then they are slippery, which could be unsafe to drive with. By dusting this powder on their feet before they put their shoes on stops that from happening.

feet powder


– 1 cup of Bicarb Soda

1/2 cup of Cornflour

5 drops of Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil

10 drops of Peppermint Pure Essential Oil

Place all of the ingredients into a freezer bag, seal the opening and give it a really good shake. Use your hands to gently massage the mixture to help distribute the essential oils.

Pour the powder into a glass jar that has a tightly sealing lid. The one used above is a canister that I bought at the supermarket.

To apply the powder I use a facial powder puff, that is put through the wash to keep it clean.

Please ensure that you only use pure essential oils, not imitation ‘fragrant’ oils.

I go through one of the canisters pretty quickly, but if you take a while to use yours, you can always add another drop or two of essential oils occassionally if the fragrance starts to fade. You can also sprinkle a little of this powder directly into shoes that are a bit on the ‘nose’ to help smell fresher.

Do you suffer from smelly feet? What is your favourite way to combat it?

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