A Little Bit Of Sparkle – Statement Nails My Way!

I have a thing for statement nails, and a very big thing for sparkle and glitter, it must be my inner child coming out to play!

At 48 I probably should let glitter nails be a thing of the past, but I don’t want to.

I was determined to find a way that suited me, but didn’t make me look tooooo tacky!


In a perfect world, my nails would look like this everyday!

But in the real world, my day job is rather cruel on nails and polish chips off in a flash.

Nature was very kind when they handed out my nails, they are strong, grow quickly and very rarely break. I have to take to them regularly with scissors and file to stop them from becoming talens.

growing the glitter collection

I have started a collection of glitter polishes which I keep adding to.

Once a week, I use Sally Hansen ‘Hard As Nails’ clear polish on all my nails. As it is clear a small chip or wear is not really evident. I apply glitter to just my little nail. I get the sparkle but without a hand full. Nail polish on your little nail has less tendancy to chip, so my polish will last for a week.

Do you like a little glitter sometimes?

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