What Floats My Boat!

It is so hard to pick one thing that really makes me feel alive, as there is my two gorgeous girls, coffee, good food, my family and the list goes on……but there is one special thing, that special place, that is just so me and makes feel so damn good…….


The OCEAN is my saving grace and my battery recharger!

Ever since I was a little girl, my favourite family memories involve the beach and our annual holiday to Philip Island.

My father took me into the surf and tought me how to swim in the biggest of waves.

He showed me how to snorkel in rock pools and discover life under the sea.

We collected shells, and to this day, I love beach combing and have shell displays around my home.

Three years ago, my parents retired from Brisbane city life and built a beautiful home on the Sunshine Coast. Whenever I can, the girls and I  pack our bags and head up there for the weekend.

Walking along the beach and swimming in the ocean, makes me feel alive and free. Incredibly grateful to live in such a beautiful country where beaches are plentiful and free.

Funnily enough, my mum won’t put her head under the water and she comes from a seaside town in Germany, where she grew up sailing, but never swimming!

I have travelled the world, stayed in the most superb hotels, but all of my fav spots include the beach.

A perfect holiday for me, MUST include a balcony with a stunning ocean view, where I can spend hours just watching the waves roll in, glass of chilled Sav Blanc in hand and I am truly in heaven on earth.

Having breakfast watching the dolphins playing in the ocean, oh yeah!

It just does not get any better.

When my girls have finished school, I will live by the beach, until then I will keep dreaming about it and having a splash in the surf whenever I can.

Sharing a cocktail with The Lounge crew, hosted this week by Slap Dash Mama – cheers!

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