Things That Made Me Smile In June

I discovered some fabulous new things last month and indulged in some of my favourite pastimes.

Every month should be like that!

Rosehip Moisturiser

There is nothing like a 50% off deal to tempt me to try new beauty or skincare products.

This is my favourite new day cream. It smells divine, absorbs beautifully and is just the right consistency for my quite oily skin that still needs hydration. Even at full price it is a bargain and will become a permanent resident in my bathroom.

 Roll on glue to make stickers for Happy Planner

Every June long weekend, the Papercraft show rolls in to town and for stationary and craft addicts like me, it is a day in heaven.

So many products and goodies all under one roof, that you just don’t get to see otherwise.

I must have been living under a big rock, but I did not know roll on glue existed.

Yep, this jazzy contraption works just like a white out roller, but delivers glue instead. Just one of my discoveries.

Double bonus day was had at the Exhibition Centre, I had no idea the Lifeline Bookfest was also on in the room next door.

Scored some great book bargains at the same time.


This fabulous book was not scored at the Bookfest, but was delivered by my mailman.

108 awesome tools for changing your mindset, just love it and it is a permanent fixture on my bedside table.

Nothing changes unless you change.

A good dose of Gabbie always makes you feel better.

Create 365 Happy Planner Australia

New financial year, new planner, new way to craft thanks to an amazing random act of kindness that l was the lucky recipient of.

This special delivery from the USA truly makes my heart sing and lets me craft and plan at the same time.

Lunch and bubbles in Noosa

I would choose a wet and grey weekend to go up the coast and visit my parents.

Thankfully the sun managed to show itself for a couple of hours and we got to enjoy a lovely lunch and a glass of bubbles.


What was the highlight of your month?

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10 thoughts on “Things That Made Me Smile In June

  1. Hi Nikki, Fab post. I love Gabbie Bernstein too – her books are easy to read and informative. She has a gorgeous set of affirmation cards out now too – called Miracles Now. I have both 🙂

    The highlight of my month was catching up with a lovely old friend I hadn’t seen in WAY too long. We always enjoy a cuppa, cake and a good chin wag!

  2. Hi Nikki

    I think this is my first visit!!!

    I was intrigued to see the rose hip oil moisturiser. I’m a bit financially strapped at the moment so looking for alternatives to the expensive brands.

    And I love that planner. I had one a few years ago (not the same obvs) but even though I spend most of my days online, I love being able to handwrite notes etc. You’ve reminded me I must get another!


  3. Must look into that Rose Hip Facial Moisturiser! Hmmm…highlight of June? Gosh, the month is a complete blur now! I guess seeing Les Mis and spending a night at the Westin afterwards!

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