The ‘Silly Season’ Has Begun, A Free Gift EFT Tapping Script For Peace And Joy!

Today is the 1st of December, ridiculously hot, and it is starting to look a lot like Christmas in this house!

The Christmas Tree is up, most of the other deco’s around the house have been done, just have not yet found the energy to put up the ones outside yet, might leave that to the cool of early morning.

As we begin the last of month of 2012, the silly season is now well and truly in full swing and with it will bring an endless round of things to do, places to go, plans to finalise, and glasses of wine to be sipped or guzzled.

Now is a great time to enjoy focusing on what is good in your life, take a breath or two and find a little calm in amoungst the chaos that just is in December. This EFT Tapping Script is a great way to take a few minutes to for yourself and is my gift to you. ENJOY!


(Tap through all the points, starting at the Eyebrow point, and if you don’t know where the points are, I have a picture at the bottom of the post)

“The silly season has begun”

“It’s Christmas Time Again”

“Even though I have so much to do”

“I stress that I wont get it all done”

“I will do the best I can”

“Here I am!”

“Right where I am supposed to be”

“Another year is drawing to a close”

“I am so grateful to be alive, here in this place”

“Even though I still have so much too do”

“In preperation for ‘the big day'”

“I take a big deep breath and relax for a moment”

“I deserve to relax and enjoy this moment”

“Even though I am tough on myself sometimes”

“And push myself to hard”

“This year I am going to remain calm and peaceful”

“Everything will work out”

“I am grateful for the good times I will share with family and friends”

“I am grateful for the food we will eat”

“I really do love Christmas”

“I will relax and enjoy the last days of this year”

“I will allow myself to easily find perfect gifts”

“Without blowing my budget”

“I will enjoy the preparation and sharing of good food”

“I am blessed that I have wonderful people to enjoy Christmas time with”

“I love being alive!”

“I may be riddled with insecurities and fears at times”

“Overly obsessed with some things and totally slack about others”

“I will do my best and it is good enough”

“I will not complain or grumble”

“I will enjoy whatever comes my way”

“I am grateful for everything that happens to me”

“I am grateful for every valuable lesson I have learnt this year, even if they have been tough”

“I will approach Christmas with peace and calm”

“I am amazing”

“I deserve the best”

“I say yes to my best Christmas ever”

“I say yes to more peace and enjoyment”

“I say yes to a Christmas full of joy”

“Thank You!”

Enjoy this special time of year, and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Please feel free to share, everyone could use a little positive, calming focus this month!!

Tapping points (ignoring the Karate Chop point), start at Eyebrow point and work your way through them, working downwards and finishing at the top of the head). Use your pointer and middle finger to tap on each point about 7 times as you recite each line of the script)

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