Fountains For Success In 2015!

Chinese New Year is just one week away, and if you want to tap into success, money and incredible opportunities in the Year of the Sheep you MUST get your water on!

Drinking water and staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your health, but that is not the water I am referring too!

This year is all about using the power of water to activate the incredibly good luck that will be flowing in to your home from the EAST.

Fountain for feng shui success

Mine is already in action, a sealed ceramic pot and a pond filter is all you need!

To find the EAST sector of your home, you will need a compass. Smart phones have one built in if you don’t have a compass just floating around home. Stand in the middle of your house and hold the compass or phone flat in your hand. Find East on your compass and see which part of your home falls in this sector. Divide the length and breadth of your home by 3. The East sector of your home falls in to that zone.

The East sector of your home is governed by the element wood. What makes trees grow healthily? Water of course.

Moving water is what you need to have in your home to activate the huge positive energy coming your way. Water loves to flow, that is what keeps it fresh. Still water becomes stagnant and putrid, so you want to avoid that at all costs or you will be killing off the positive energy.

There are two ways to use fountains in the East, either indoors or outside.


– Your fountain should be placed in the East sector of your garden.

– The water should always be kept clean. (If you don’t want fish in your pond/fountain, a little dose of bleach or pool chlorine once a month will keep it clean)

– The flow of water should be in the direction of your home, if it flows away from your home so will your good luck.

– Don’t have one of those fountains where the water disappears into a reserve that you can’t see, this represent your money and luck being hidden and ‘going down the drain’.

If having an outdoor water feature is not practical and indoor fountain in the East of your home is the perfect alternative.


– Choose a fountain that gurgles away merrily and again the water must be kept clean, simply empty it and add fresh water regularly.

– If a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen is in the East sector of your home, DO NOT place it in these rooms. Put it in the EAST sector of your lounge room. (Divide up the lounge room, the same way you did your whole home to find the East sector).


Moving water for good feng shui

To the further enhance this amazing energy ensure that the East sector of your home and living room is kept clear of clutter. Use the colours green, blue and black for decorating. Beautiful images of beaches, rivers and lush greenery will work wonders. The colours red and orange should be avoided or used very sparingly as they represent the Fire element and fire burns down trees, so is damaging to natural element of this sector.

Adding a water feature is a great project for the weekend, just in time for the New Year.

Wishing you abundant health, wealth and happiness.

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The Best Wallet And Handbag Colour for 2015!

Boring black bag, move on over!

The must-have colour we need to embrace for 2015 to boost our luck and success…

is RED.

Best wallet,purse and handbag colour for 2015

 Women often have to juggle many things like work, family, the home, meals and more. We need all the energy we can muster just to get through each day.

The new Feng Shui year starts on February 19, and will see the earth energy that supports us be depleted.

Adding ‘fire’ to our daily lives helps to boost the energy supplies available to us.

Red is the ultimate fire colour, so we need to get it on big time.

A red wallet and handbag will support your luck and success.

Choose a bag with gold hardware instead of silver. Gold always trumps silver in the power stakes.

Purple is a suitable alternative, as it is the colour of royalty and power.

Don’t just stop at a red bag and wallet, incorporate red in to your life as much as possible, to help you overcome fear, boost your confidence and brighten your mood.

– Wear red lingerie

– Paint your nails red

– Wear red lipstick

– Red socks will help warm cold feet

– Wear red tops and gold chains

– Red gemstones are a great jewellery choice

– Have a garnet or ruby crystal on your bedside table

– Burn red candles in the centre of your home.

I have known for a while that I needed a new red bag for this year. Unfortunately red was not an ‘in’ colour for summer this year. I did find one on Ebay, but I was disappointed when it arrived as it was advertised as new, but it definitely was not. Scored a partial refund upon complaining and only paid a few dollars for it. Was very excited to see that red is on the A list this winter, so handbag shopping is on my to-do list. (Thanks Myer for the junk mail joy)!

Another handy tip to support you during the next year is to look after the South West corner of your home.

This sector is the matriarch’s zone (yep that’s us). Keep it clear of clutter and rubbish. Add the colour red to furnishings such as a rug and add a bright light to keep the fires burning.

When we are tired and cranky, the rest of the household will usually follow. Look after yourself and give your energy the support it needs. “Happy mum, happy home!”

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Inviting In Good Luck!

New Years Eve has been and gone. All the plans and promises of change in the New Year have probably gone by the wayside.

Thanks to Feng Shui and the Eastern calendar, you get a second chance to start the year all over again!

Chinese New Year actually falls on the 19th of February, but the new energies that will be in play for the year will actually start to have effect on Wednesday the 4th.

To start this ‘New Year’ off right, you don’t have to make resolutions that you feel obliged to try and keep.

Instead with the help of a little cleaning and a light, you can invite good energy into your home for the year ahead and invite in good luck.

Invite good luck into your home

(This lovely one is from

Get your good luck flowing, by starting at the front door.

In Chinese tradition, this is the day you declutter and clean your home from top to toe, as dirt and clutter trap energy and cause it to stagnate.

As you probably don’t have the time to dedicate to a full clean, there are still a few things you can do to start the year off right.

– Throw out obvious rubbish that is lying around like old papers, magazines etc.

– Empty all indoor rubbish bins.

– Clear your kitchen benches and put away all dishes.

– Wipe down your front door.

– Sweep your porch.

– Wash or dust off your front door mat.

– Turn on your porch light and leave it on all night.

Your home is your sanctuary and can support your health, wealth and happiness.

Keeping your house clean and clear of unnecessary ‘stuff’ is the easiest way to keep energy fresh and powerful.

Are you a clutter collector?

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