Inviting In Good Luck!

New Years Eve has been and gone. All the plans and promises of change in the New Year have probably gone by the wayside.

Thanks to Feng Shui and the Eastern calendar, you get a second chance to start the year all over again!

Chinese New Year actually falls on the 19th of February, but the new energies that will be in play for the year will actually start to have effect on Wednesday the 4th.

To start this ‘New Year’ off right, you don’t have to make resolutions that you feel obliged to try and keep.

Instead with the help of a little cleaning and a light, you can invite good energy into your home for the year ahead and invite in good luck.

Invite good luck into your home

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Get your good luck flowing, by starting at the front door.

In Chinese tradition, this is the day you declutter and clean your home from top to toe, as dirt and clutter trap energy and cause it to stagnate.

As you probably don’t have the time to dedicate to a full clean, there are still a few things you can do to start the year off right.

– Throw out obvious rubbish that is lying around like old papers, magazines etc.

– Empty all indoor rubbish bins.

– Clear your kitchen benches and put away all dishes.

– Wipe down your front door.

– Sweep your porch.

– Wash or dust off your front door mat.

– Turn on your porch light and leave it on all night.

Your home is your sanctuary and can support your health, wealth and happiness.

Keeping your house clean and clear of unnecessary ‘stuff’ is the easiest way to keep energy fresh and powerful.

Are you a clutter collector?

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8 thoughts on “Inviting In Good Luck!

  1. I am a clutter collector…can’t I just hand out fortune cookies to get the good luck??? (I love the Lunar Festival…I think we should ditch our calendar NY and jump on this one…so much more fun)

  2. Oh I love this. I suppose you could say I do have clutter keeping tendencies :/ I occasionally go crazy though and do a mass de-cluttering. You’re right about clearing the energy. I always feel so much better when I’m looking at a clean slate. Great post. #teamIBOT

  3. This is good reason for some housework and it ties in nicely with all the de-clutttering I probably should have got done in January – luckily CNY falls a little late so there is still time!

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