Did Someone Say Party?

You only have to ask me once!

I love party’s, I love socialising and I love blogging.

Welcome to Wonderfully Women, my little part of the internet where I get to do and say whatever I want, yay!


This is my first appearance at the Ultimate Blog Party, better late than never!

Please allow me to introduce myself……….

Wonderfully Women HQ is in beautiful Brisbane, Australia, where Autumn has forgotten to arrive and the air conditioner is still getting a workout. Not complaining though as cold weather and I are never on good terms, warm weather is definately more to my liking.

I am a single mum with gorgeous teens who are my pride and joy. Miss 18 is now in her first year at University doing a Bachalor of Science, the first step towards becoming a neuro-surgeon. Miss 14 is still undecided about what she is going to do when she heads to Uni, but whatever it is, working with children will play a part. Even our fluffy feline is a female, Miss Tiger is the true ruler of this house.

Growing up with parents in the hotel industry I have lived in Papua New Guinea and Fiji. 13 years as a Corporate Travel Consultant saw me fill many a passport as I travelled all over the world. Give me a beautiful beach, a cocktail and a fluffy towel and I am in heaven.


This gorgeous beach is where my parents have retired too, yes my holiday home!

What floats my boat and ultimately makes it on to the blog…….

* Coffee – make mine a skinny cappucino please

* Sav Blanc – from Marlborough, New Zealand

* Aromatherapy – love a great smelling home with health benefits thrown in

* The Beach – my absolute happy place

* Good Food – I come from a family of foodies, so it’s inherited

* Books – that inspire me to bigger and better things

* Bargains – they call me the bargain queen, just love a clearance sticker

* Nail polish – my nails are never natural even though they are home grown

* How To’s – really good at sharing practical and helpful solutions, not so good at taking advice 🙂

*Neat and Tidy – a definate neat freak, who loses the plot when things get grotty and messy

* Chocolate – OMG, I almost forgot to list my all time fav.

* Writing – I love to write and so not only do I share my knowledge here, I guest blog, review books and have written two e-books ‘How To Unlock Your Child’s Super Powers’ and ‘How To Detoxify Your Body Easily and Painlessly’


‘Cheers’ from my family to yours, please say ‘Hi’ and introduce yourself.

FYI – Kangaroo’s do NOT hop down the main street of our cities, I hate Vegemite, but love Tim Tams!

9 thoughts on “Did Someone Say Party?

    1. OMG Janet, I would love to see a koala walk across the street, up a tree is the best I have ever done! 🙂

  1. I visited Australia once when I was younger. We spent 3 days in Sydney and it rained the whole time, the locals were ecstatic as they said they needed the rain lol
    I’m stopping by from the UBP – it was lovely to meet you 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by!…..It is annoying when you visit somewhere and all you get is rain, things just don’t look the same. We are in that same cycle again, we need it! 🙂

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