Simple Ways to Modernise Your Home

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There’s nothing like indulging in some simple modernisation techniques to bring a fresh look to your home, but sometimes you just don’t want to go the whole hog and pull down walls or cement the driveway. So what can you do? There are plenty of options available. For some quick inspiration, check out these simple ideas on how to modernise your home with little to no hassle.

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What needs updating at your house?

Paintings and Hangings

Make a bold statement and hang an absolutely massive painting in your living room. There are so many options available and, with a little shopping around, you’re bound to find something that you’ll fall in love with. But don’t limit yourself to canvases; look at the possibility of hanging rugs on the wall or even the idea of framing some pieces of beautiful fabric. You can even purchase some blank canvas from an arts and craft shop and do the job yourself.

Lighting Options

Got a tired room? Throw in some stylish new lamps and watch that space come alive! Whether it’s a new ceiling-mounted fixture or some standalone lamps, by adding some contemporary lighting you can change the whole feel of a room with no effort at all; all that’s involved is a visit to your local lighting specialist. The other alternative is to actually remove outdated fittings and try to get more natural light into the room. Replacing heavy curtains with modern blinds is a good way to achieve this.

Show Old Doors the Door

What’s the first thing you see when entering a house? The front door, of course. Yet, many people are hesitant to replace and update their home’s entrance. If your doors are letting down the modern vibe of your abode, get in touch with an expert like AJ Doors to find a stylish, contemporary door for your house. This shouldn’t be exclusive to the front though; if your backyard sliding glass door or bedroom door is a few years behind the rest of the décor, replacing them could modernise your living area more than you expect.

New Faces

If you want a new look in the kitchen but don’t want the hassle of ripping everything out, one option is to simply replace the cupboard doors. This is a great quick-fix solution as you save money by keeping the original structures while jazzing it all up with fresh new surfaces. It’s also a relatively quick job that can be done in a day if you put the effort in – just be sure to get the correct measurements for your new doors and ensure that you have enough screws to finish the job in one go.

Rug Up

Don’t just look up when it comes to renovations; look down at that slightly worn carpet (exactly how long has it been there?) and imagine the difference a freshly laid carpet could make to your home’s appearance. You may not even need to go for a whole carpet – it may just be a case of bringing in a funky new rug to brighten the place up. With so many different styles to choose from, the possibilities are endless when it comes to flooring accessories. Get creative, get innovative, and get some new rugs and carpets in your life.

What simple projects do you like to do when modernising your home? Post your tips and hints below.

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