Planning Your Life In Full Colour!

I have been a stationary addict for as long as I can remember.

The collection of notebooks grows much faster than I can possibly use them.

I have not embraced Evernote or any of those online planning things, as I preferred the old fashion pen and paper style of getting organised.

I didn’t buy one diary this year, I actually bought three because I loved the colours, and I am using them for three different things.

One is an actual diary, one is a blog planner and one has developed into my personal growth diary and is filled with things I have learned, need to learn, tapping scripts and more. They are being filled with written notes and the occasional doodle but that is it.

I cannot walk past KikkiK or Typo without going in and very rarely come out empty handed.


I have recently discovered a whole new world of planning that I did not know existed. Obviously I have been living under a rock as it was only about two weeks ago I stumbled across this colourful addiction.

THOUSANDS of addicts join Facebook groups to learn and share, You Tuber’s have huge followings and there are Etsy stores raking in a fortune selling bits of gorgeousness like stickers and covers for planners.

Not just any planner will do; KikkiK will get a nod of approval and are the choice of many (at least we can buy them here is Australia) but my new find is the world of Erin Condren Life Planner!

Life planning the Erin Condren way

Thank you Florence for letting me share your creation. Her Instagram feed (@livelifeandcreate)is full of beautiful colour inspiration.

Each day can become a mini work of art if you want to let your creativity flow.

Add in all the practical stuff like appointments, deadlines and activity schedules and then with the help of stickers, washi tape and stamps you turn your week into a montage of prettiness. Add some inspirational quotes and sayings to give your week a real lift.

What a fabulous keep-sake to flip back through at the end of the year.

What started me on the road to discovery was finding about an Aussie girl from Perth who has an Etsy shop full of stickers for these planners such as these beauties…

Lime and Mortar planner stickers

 Lime & Mortar post these world-wide!

ECLP’s are not cheap, but full of fabulous features and you can even have yours personalised with your name and choice of cover.

You could also just collect some fun stickers, stamps and markers and start decorating the diary/planner you are using right now.

If you love it, you can always get your ECLP for next year or make a Happy Helper Book!

How do you do your diary, plain or pretty?

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16 thoughts on “Planning Your Life In Full Colour!

  1. Hehe, I too have three diaries! One for my blog stuff, one for family appointments and one for work.

    The only diary of these three that I decorate is my blog one, using stickers and washi tape. I do it to motivate myself, to highlight certain items in the diary and to celebrate any successes I have along the way with my blog!

  2. Nikki I have bits of paper written on all over the place, and no diary, I use calendars and weekly planners but I think the time has come to invest in a personal diary/planner, love that you have 3 different ones.
    That ECLP looks amazing!

    1. I have a habit of losing bits of paper and can spend hours searching for one little thing. Give me a planner/diary any day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I love stationery too!
    I am an Erin Condren planner addict and look forward to making mine each December for the new year. I have never felt more organised.
    Love the stores you mentioned too. They’re eating up a good portion of our salary each time I pass one. (And Smiggle!)

    1. Yay, someone who actually has one. When the girls were younger we were in Smiggle all the time, but they are KikkiK and Typo addicts now!

  4. I am a stationery addict as well. I don’t do the stickers and cuteness but admit I follow quite a few on Instagram who do. Love it all. And my local Kikki k salesgirl knows me and my kids well and we chat and catch up whenever I stop by lol.

    1. You could be right about your bank balance, but I did discover something interesting today, as almost 3 months of this year are over if you hang on for just a little while you can soon pre-order an 18 month version that includes the 6 months of this year plus the next twelve! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I LOVE looking at these kinds of beautiful planners on Pinterest and wish I could do something like it. I do decorate my diary but it’s just lame doodles and stuff to de-stress before I write anything I need to plan for the next day.
    I would really like one of those ECLPs! You can never have too much stationary!

  6. Well I have also three diaries as I love to plan, write and note down recipes. Though I am not a stationary addict but my six year old daughter is:).She has more than 10 diaries, loads of loose papers and more than 100 books. She asks for books as gifts rather than toys!

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