Planning For The Perfect Christmas – 18 Weeks To Go!

I love Christmas! Everything about it fills me with joy!

BUT it can be hard work, especially if you leave everything till the last minute. I love being organised and at Christmas time the more planning and preperation you get done in the lead up, the most relaxing and stress-free your special day will be.

Many of you will shudder at the thought of even ‘thinking’ about Christmas in August, but each week I will help you with simple steps, and each bite size piece will see your ‘to do’ list shrink away!

So the COUNT DOWN is on…………..let’s get to it!


This weeks task is to simply grab yourself a notebook (I prefer the paper variety as they are not subject to crashes, power failures or attack from killer viruses) and start making lists, lot’s of lists, lists of everything you need to do, buy, book or plan, so that nothing gets forgotten! Here is a few idea’s to get the ball rolling…..

PRESENTS – Who do you have to buy gifts for? Don’t forget teachers, carers, work mates, children’s friends, anyone that you want to share the Christmas spirit with. If you are out shopping or at home reading your junk mail, if you see something that would make a perfect gift for someone special, write it down. If a friend mentions something that she likes or needs, jot it down. Don’t rely on the memory bank, that will become totally overloaded during the festive season.

MAKE IT – If you are the crafty type, what can you make and what supplies do you need to stock up on?

BAKE IT – If you like to bake yummy Christmas treats, list them and the ingredients you will need. What treats can be baked in advance and stored in the freezer?

TRAVEL – Are you leaving home for Christmas this year? What travel arrangements do you need to make?

VISITORS – If it is your turn to host Christmas, who is coming to stay, do you need to organise extra bedding, do you need to hire chairs and tables, do you need to buy more towels, plates, cups, glasses or can you borrow what you need?

THEME – If you like to theme your decorations, what colours appeal to you? Will you need to purchase new decorations or linen?

SUPPLIES – Check your stock of wrap, cards, gift tags, tinsel and bon bon’s, I always buy mine at the post Christmas sales at super cheap bargain prices, but if you have not done this you will need to add them to your list.

ALCOHOL – Drink supplies, mixers, juice. bottled water, anything drinkable to help with the Christmas cheers needs to go on this list.

BUDGET – How much do you want to spend, set a limit and work with it! When you plan well, you get to make good financial choices instead of throwing the budget out of the window with last minute excessive shopping.

DELEGATE – Who can you get to help you with everything that needs to be done, so that you can all enjoy Christmas? Let people know in advance what you would love help with.

TRADITIONS – Do you have traditions that are always kept at this special time of the year, or could your festivities do with some refreshing? Start the ball rolling by suggesting alterations now, not the week before Christmas Day! Would you like to start a new tradition just with your own family, what could it be?

STORAGE – As the supplies start to roll in, do you have somewhere to safely store things. Could you use some large storage containers or even some nice sturdy cardboard boxes to keep all the goodies safe and sound.

ENTERTAINING – Will you be hosting any parties at your place? Who is going to be on your invite list and what will you be serving them?

ACCEPTING INVITATIONS – How many parties do you want to attend? Will you need new outfits for these?

SHARING JOY – Who do you know that could use a little help over the holidays. Could you bake them a batch of cookies, a small Christmas cake, look after their kids for a couple of hours so they can go and do some shopping or enjoy a party child free?

Simply spend this week planning on paper. Everytime you think of something, jot it down.

Next week, we will start springing into action!

Happy list making!

Do you always plan your Christmas, or do rush around madly as the day draws closer?

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