Planning For The Perfect Christmas – 13 Weeks To Go!

Turning fabric scraps into wonderful gifts!

I have quite a collection of fabric, that was bought for one project or another, but never actually became that one project or another!!!! BUT this collection comes in handy for school projects or whipping up a little gift for someone special.

If you don’t have a stash of spare craft goodies, a quick dash to your local craft store and a bit of hunting through the remenants clearance bins, can provide some supplies for only a small amount of cash!

With a few beads sewn on, a simple heart shape can become an elegant gift!

With this one, as I was adding the fibre fill, I added a few drops of Lavender Pure Essential Oil to a cotton wool ball and stuffed it into the middle before sewing up the filling hole – and you now have a beautifully scented gift to share. I found some more sewing patterns at, and I am so excited to try some of them out.

This one had a few little buttons sewn on for decoration, and add some pearl head pins, and it becomes a lovely pin cushion for a crafty friend. You could also add a needle with some thread attached and a couple of safety pins, and it becomes a very handy gift for the not-so-crafty 🙂

ANYONE can sew a small square! Add a few beads or buttons and two ribbons (for ties) and these cute little pillows are now gorgeous ‘gift tags’. They make gift giving extra special, simply tie on to your present after it’s wrapped.

All of these projects are super simple and you don’t need any special sewings skills to whip a few of them up for family, friends or colleagues, if you just make 1 a week, by Christmas you will have more than a dozen gifts ready to roll!

Get your crafting cap on and go for it…….

Do you like homemade gifts? What is on your make-it list for this year, would love to hear?

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