Paint and Sip Class – A colourful way to have fun!

paint and sip fun

When a dear friend suggested we go to a Paint and Sip class for a Sunday afternoon outing, I said yes straight away…there was paint and champagne on offer! She had found out about an art studio heart n’ hoopla that had recently started these fun events and it was not very far from home.

One of my biggest passions is playing with craft supplies but strangely enough, paint plays a big part in my creative endeavours, but not where a canvas is involved. Even though I know my way around all the different types of paint available and can wield a brush, I was a little concerned about playing on a big piece.

My fears were quelled quickly once we started as we were guided through the process step by step with lots of helpful hints from our fab teacher Teresa.

paint and sip class ferny grove

The hardest part of the whole experience was trying to paint the horizon line straight, and honestly that was only hard because the perfectionist in me hates lines that are not straight!

paint and sip beach class

My favourite tip of the day was to paint clouds using your finger tip…worked like a charm!

painting made fun

My friend Sue (on the right) had never picked up a paint brush in her life before, but look how amazing her painting is!

A quick google or Facebook search should help you find a class not too far from home. Some include your alcohol and some do not. Ours was BYO so we took a little piccolo of bubbles as we both had to drive. For $35.00 we had everything else provided including canvas, paints, brushes and two hours of tuition which I think is a real bargain.

As the beach is my happy place, I have hung mine up on the wall with pride as I never thought I could create something that looked so good. Just like Sue, even if you have never painted a thing, this really is a great way to tap into your hidden creative and end up with a canvas you will be proud of.

With Christmas creeping up very quickly, a Paint and Sip class would make a great gift for that friend that has everything or simply shout yourself an outing and charge it off to selfcare, as it really is just so much fun and nowhere near as frustrating as I thought it might be.

Do you have a creative pastime?

Have you ever been to a Paint and Sip class?

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