One step closer to closure for Daniel Morcombe’s family

It must be every parents worst nightmare, your child does not make it home one day. Whilst I was out with my girls last night enjoying a fun night with friends, the boys had the TV on watching a football match and the newsflash that a man had finally been charged with the murder of Daniel Morcombe saw a complete hush fall over our rather rowdy gathering.

Since December 2003, when 13 year old Daniel disappeared, all of Australia followed the story with sadness that his body was never discovered, no progress seemed to be made in finding a killer, and that this might be one of those missing person files that is never solved. A little glimmer of hope burned in my heart that it might turn out to be a teen prank that could have a happy ending. As time passed it was pretty clear that this story was not going to be one of those.

The tireless efforts of Daniel’s parents, to NEVER give up until they had answers has finally paid off. A suspect is now more than that and the Morcombe family is another step closer to finding a little peace that closure can bring. I shed some more tears as the pain they must be feeling tore at my heart strings.

Tonight, as your children are safely at home, sharing dinner and then sleeping cosily in bed, give thanks that they are with you, even if they have pushed your patience to the brink today, and please send love and peace from your heart, to the Morcombe family.


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