Maternity style: how to look great without breaking the bank

Maternity style: how to look great without breaking the bank

So you’ve just found out your pregnant and the first thing you want to do is rush out and get your ‘pregnancy wardrobe’ sorted. STOP! Read this first, you don’t have to pack up and store every item of clothing you own and replace it with maternity gear.



Here’s how:

Get the basics

You simply can’t go past wardrobe basics like pants, tops and dresses. If you stick with the basics, there are so many ways (see below) to jazz things up and to save a fortune. Also, avoid big name labels unless you want to shell out. Buy smart and head for discount online retailers such as to stock up.


Sticking with solid colours rather than loud prints is far more flattering for your expanding and changing body. To add your own sense of style or to just dress things up a bit, make use of all your existing jewellery and other accessories.

Buy bigger sizes

During my two pregnancies, I managed to get away with buying bigger sizes in a lot of things like singlet tops, tees, cardigans and track pants, rather than shelling out extra money for a maternity-specific design.

By buying bigger sizes you also have a much wider range of choices and get a better chance to stick with your usual tastes and look.

However, hold off on buying everything at once as you simply can’t plan for how big you’ll grow and how quickly. Conversely, you might have a very compact bump all the way through and not put much weight on the rest of your body. With some items like cotton and lycra blend tops and leggings, you’ll be amazed at how far you can actually stretch them before needing to go up a size.

Go the Maxi

Ah the maxi dress; is there no limit to what it can do? I literally lived in these during summer when pregnant with my second child. The beauty of the maxi, apart from being criminally comfortable, is your ability to dress it up or down in a jiffy.

Borrow from friends

So I know we’re all different shapes and sizes, but if you can borrow off friends or rellies who’ve had babies and kept their maternity wear, borrow their gear. You’ll probably find like me that there is no shortage of offers from gals you know. Even if you only manage to pick up one or two items, it’ll save you money.

Pants extender

For me, this is the cocktail umbrella version of the maternity wear world! Whoever invented it must be rolling in it. There are heaps of different brands out there so look around and maybe ask your friends or jump on eBay.

By using clever styling tricks along with begging and borrowing from all and sundry, you’ll be looking fabulous throughout your pregnancy for less.

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