Looking After Number One…..You!


How often do you put the needs of others before your own? Investing time and effort in yourself, reaps big rewards for you and everyone in your life!

Make this the year that you do a little life renovating and start looking after YOU with these quick and easy indulgences that will leave you feeling good and looking good – we all deserve a little pampering to nourish the soul! You don’t need to destroy the budget with these great ideas.

  • Treat yourself to a luxury piece of soap or bodywash and fresh fluffy towels, to give the daily ritual of bathing and indulgent feel.
  • Once a week give yourself a full body exfoliation, make your own scrub (recipe for a Cafe Late scrub is in an earlier post) or buy one, your skin will glow as all the dead skin cells are removed.
  • Moisturise your body as well as your face every day.
  • Grab a good book and make sure you read at least one chapter a day.
  • Light a scented candle, enjoy the glow and fragrance that fills the room.
  • If you don’t have a hobby – get one, being creative gives you the opportunity to escape the mental chatter.
  • Fill your ipod with music that you love, and dance around the house. Use it when doing the housework or ironing, it makes it so much more fun.
  • Shout yourself a bunch of fresh flowers.
  • Pack a picnic, the family in the car and disappear for the day, let nature entertain you.
  • Drink plenty of water and feel your energy levels rise.
  • Give yourself a pedicure and manicure or go out and have one, nice nails look fab.
  • Head to the library and read all the latest magazines, free and inspiring.
  • Buy a new lipstick or gloss and wear it everyday.
  • Make playdough for the kids and actually sit down with them and create a masterpiece together.
  • Buy a small piece of your absolutely favourite chocolate and enjoy every morsel on your own.
  • Go to open houses of the biggest and best you can find, it feels good to dream.
  • Test drive your dream car.
  • Phone a friend you have not spoken to in a long time and catch up on all the gossip.
  • Learn a new skill, something that interests you, you never know where it might lead.
  • Find your new signature fragrance, play around at the perfume counter, just don’t put the testers on your skin unless you really like the scent.
  • Have a fresh berry feast, so good for you and delicious.
  • Give thanks for all that you do have and invite more in!

Go on, your worth it!

2 thoughts on “Looking After Number One…..You!

    1. Thanks Anne, so true, we often focus so much on the wellness of others and not ourselves. Wishing you a wonderful 2012

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