It’s My Birthday….Week!

On Wednesday it was my birthday and I celebrated 48 years of life!

I don’t get upset everytime another year clocks over, I was not upset when I made 30, and did not get sad when I turned 40, I am grateful for every wonderful year, even though some have been tough!


I love my birthday, I love all the phone calls, texts and Facebook messages, I love feeling special, and so when my birthday comes around, it’s not just for one day, it is always a WEEK long affair!

You just can’t see everyone on one day, so we spead the fun out over a week!

After a very busy day at work, it was lovely to come to a clean house, freshly baked choc chip cookies and pressies (love having teenage children home for the school holidays!)

For dinner I just wanted to go somewhere close to home, and just around the corner is a Coffee Club, so off we went, having no idea that Wednesday night is half-price night. I had the most amazing eye fillet steak with prawns for a grand total of $15.00! Oh Yeah – 4 meals with drinks = $65.00 not only a super bargain but super fun.

Coffee catch ups, glasses of bubbles catch ups, getting a visit from an old school friend of mine who lives down south and a lunch hosted by another old school friend will fill my weekend, and I just love it!

Thank you to all my family and friends who make my special day, so very SPECIAL!

Do you love or loathe your birthday?

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10 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday….Week!

  1. My birthday is tomorrow and I am turning 30. I don’t loath it at all. I’m not sad or haven’t done anything drastic. The only people who make me feel ‘old’ are my children. But physically and mentally I’m not ‘old’.

  2. Happy birthday week, Nikki! Sounds like it’s been a great celebration for you this year! Birthdays don’t bother me at all …. just one more candle 😉

  3. Happy birthday Nikki – people with January birthdays are the coolest! (Mine was on the 7th, and I was 46). We also celebrate birthdays for a week in our house, and spoil the birthday prince/ss rotten – it’s a great tradition 🙂

  4. Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a great day!
    I don’t make as much of a big deal about my birthday as I used to. But it’s still always a fun day!

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