It’s Been A Long Day!

My days are usually pretty long, starting work at 5am, probably has something to do with that!

I don’t always work on Saturday’s, but today I did. For some strange reason that I could not fathom, I had a feeling of uneasiness that travlled with me as I worked.

When I got home, Miss WW answered that question.

At 10pm tonight, she get’s to log-on to IB headquarters, for her second final subject score is being released.

For many Australian’s the International Baccalaureate is a big long word that they have never heard of!


For some though it means 3 years of amazingly hard study, dedication, pushing every boundary, surving on virtually no sleep at times, becoming addicted to coffee, all for the purpose of that score they all dream of, the magical 45!

Miss WW is in year 12, but not at any ordinary High School, a school set up by the Queensland Government a few years ago, to give promising students the chance to study the IB programme and receive an Internationally recognised diploma rather than the normal OP score.

Studying in IB land is very different, punishingly hard work, but some of the differences involve sitting final exams earlier than most. Last November Miss WW sat her first final, one subject down, 5 to go. In January she logged on at 10pm to get her score. A big beautiful 7, the best you can get. 2 months ago she sat her next final, and tonight we find out again what her score is.

The beauty of this is that come November this year, when other students have to sit finals for all subjects, Miss WW only has to do four.

While every parent loves to see their child do well, this having to sit through 3 lot’s of waiting for final results is killing me! 🙂

Miss WW wants to study medicine, is going to be a Neuro-surgeon, so these scores are vital. The higher the better.

My stomach is in a knot, I am trying not to show it, and I have everything crossed that tonight I will go to sleep with a big proud mummy smile on my face. She has worked so hard for this, she deserves another 7.

The joys of parenthood! I would not have it any other way.

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