How To Stop A Gallbladder Attack Fast!

A simple solution to gallbladder pain

A month ago I was in hospital, a rather unattractive shade of yellow and booked in for an operation the following morning to provide aide for my failing liver.

Thankfully, due to 3 days of starving and massive doses of anti-biotics, my bile duct was able to start doing it’s job and instead of having an operation I was allowed to go home the next day.

My angry gallbladder is trying to deal with a 2.6cm stone that is trapped inside.

November 4 will be the day I can say goodbye to it.

Until them I am doing my best to keep my gallbladder calm and happy.

I have spent hours trawling the internet looking for ways to ease gallbladder pain.

I now realise that the sore back I had been dealing with for quite some time and always blaming a hard day at work for it, was in fact my gallbladder.

It was just not presenting itself in the traditional way.

My usual drink of choice is usually the one made from grapes….ie wine.

But following my research and the fact that my liver was so unhappy, keeping off the alcohol seems like a logical choice.

Organic apple juice is currently sitting in top spot.

Apple juice and eating apples apparently help to soft stones, and decrease the risk of flare-ups.

If I am feeling really out of sorts I take it up to the next level.

More apples, in the form of apple cider vinegar.

Downing a quarter of cup is no easy task, so I dilute it with water.

The next step is to have a chaser of 250ml of organic apple juice.

That instantly reduces the unpleasant sensation after taking the apple cider vinegar.

Within 10 to 15 minutes you can feel the pain and discomfort subside.

WINNING and no drugs required!

I have added a few supplements that are supposed to be beneficial and trying to keep my diet low fat.

So looking forward to having this damn thing out, but until then, will just try and keep it calm for the sake of my liver.

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  1. I”m glad it’s working for you in the interim – I know it’s good we live in a time of modern medicine and drugs but I always prefer to take a few as possible.

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