How To Make Your Lipstick Stay On Longer

Lipstick has a habit of wearing off almost as quickly as you apply it.

With two clever tricks, you can apply lipstick that will last for hours.

(This does not work for lipgloss type products)


Wish my lips would stay looking that lush all day!

Step 1 – Apply lipstick to dry lips.

Step 2 – Using a tissue, place between lips and gently press lips together. You will loose quite a bit of colour on to the tissue, but it will ‘set’ what is left behind.

Step 3 – Reapply a second coat of lipstick.

Step 4 – Take an ice cube and gently rub it over the lipstick. This quick chill will set your lipstick in place for hours!


As soon as they are dry you can apply a clear or coloured gloss if you prefer the wet look.

Simple as that, your lipstick will also have less tendancy to leave their mark on everything they touch.

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