Great Value Mobile Plans For Teens – No More Scary Bills!

Travelling Down The Super Highway Of Life – With Teens!

Mobile Phones – Getting Great Value

Teens and mobile phones go hand in hand these days, but can bring pain and fear to parents, who’s wallets are left with massive holes due to massive phone bills!

I am one of those parents that think young teens SHOULD have mobile phones and Miss WW (13) and Miss WW (16) are both iphone addicts.

For me it is important for their safety, that they can call me ANYTIME, as they both have to travel on their own to their respective schools. When they are out with their friends or having sleepovers, they can contact me or I can do the same to organise drop off’s and pick up’s.

When exciting things happen in their day, they can share it with me, and if they get sad or stressed about anything, I can provide support or encouragement.

A lot of time has been spent finding suitable mobile plans, that give then the freedom to use their phones without fear, and so that I don’t have to have a heart attack when the bill comes in. The best way I have found, is to use pre-paid, when the credit used up, that’s it, no credit – no calls – which means no debt!!!!!

A few months ago, my research landed me in my local Woolworths store buying a Woolworths Mobile Sim for the bargain price of only $2.00 and they have two fantastic plans to pick from….

We are using the $29.00 plan which gives us :-

$500 Call Credit ($250 to Optus phones & $250 to all other phones)

5GB Internet Download

45 Day Credit Expiry (almost every other plan I found was only for 30 days – so we get an extra 15 days to use the credit)

This is one of the best value packages I have found that is provided by a reputable company. I am honestly a little sceptical to use some of the other providers that don’t have offices etc in the country, as I have been burned with trying to get help and you end up off shore, speaking to someone that can hardly speak English and they always seem to blame you or your equipment for the problem…….

All the details are available at Woolworths Mobile and you can have peace of mind knowing exactly what your phone is costing each month, with no surprises……..

(This is not a sponsered post, I do like to share things that work for me and may help you!)

Have you found a great mobile plan that is working for you?

4 thoughts on “Great Value Mobile Plans For Teens – No More Scary Bills!

  1. We have just given our Miss 13 her first phone…basic handset on our plan with our other phones. Hopefully we can teach responsible phone use and all will be happy.x

    1. Hi Bron, it i scary to start as most kids just don’t understand the prices charged by phone companies for calls, they jut enjoy the freedom of using a mobile, but with Miss WW, she learned quickly when her credit was almost out and I refused to recharge until the 45 days was up, she had to use those last dollars wisely and keep some in case of emergencies. Plan worked beautifully, she always has some left till the end now 🙂

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