Gorgeous Cakes and Coffee in Albany Creek at French & Mor

Today Brisbane turned on a beautiful sunny first day of Spring!

For a non-winter lover, that is worth celebrating, and what better way  to spend the first morning of spring, than a coffee date just around the corner from home at French & Mor

One of the Meetup groups that I am in, is for coffee lovers and they visit lot’s of wonderful coffee shops around Brisbane, for sipping and socialising. I could not resist going to one so close to home.

I have visited French & Mor before and even though they have the most exquisite selection of cakes and savoury treats, I just can’t go past their Almond Croissant’s, they are delicious. So again that is exactly what I had with a beautifully made Skinny Cappucino, such a lovely start to the day!

You can buy beautiful loaves of crustry French bread, order superb cakes for parties or indulge in High Tea, which I think I will try next time I go, there must be someones birthday coming soon :). Two tables were set up for High Tea when we arrived but they had not shown by the time we left, so I could not goggle and admire!

If you live on the North side of Brisbane you really have to venture to Dawn Street, Albany Creek and have a really enjoyable dining experience.

What is your favourite coffee haunt?

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