A Gentle Way To Release Stress And Struggle!

Sometimes life throws some pretty big piles of s**t our way!

Out of the blue, when you least expect it. Just when things seem to be going so well.

That happened to me this week. Cruising along merrily and holy moly, a big annoyance now needs attention.

More often than not, when these things occur, tantrums and tears will follow.

The brain will go into overdrive, throwing all sorts of horrible outcomes at you. You feel a tightening in your chest or a knot grow in your stomach.

Struggle is tough and painful, and I for one are totally over allowing myself to wallow in self-pity and anger. It gets me nowhere and is just prolongs the agony.

You have 2 choices, keep feeding the mind by focusing on the problem, or finding a way to refocus on a better outcome.


Changing our ‘self talk’ is the only way to release ourselves from stress and struggle. Change your story and you change your energy!

Allowing things to work out will not happen if you keep beating yourself up and remaining stressed.

When you are in a grip of panic, try these powerful words to help bring some relief. Choose ones that apply or create your own, specific to the situation you face.

‘I allow peace’

‘I allow joy’

‘I allow calm’

‘I allow rest’

‘I allow relaxation’

‘I allow grace’

‘I allow flow’

‘I allow things to work out well’

‘I allow harmony’

‘I allow good health’

‘I allow great outcomes’

‘I allow play’

‘I allow release’

‘I allow fun’

‘I allow success’

‘I allow creativity’

‘I allow love’

‘I allow happiness’

Simply breathe deeply and gently repeat your phrases over and over.

There is the power to bring relief from stress and struggle when you speak the right words and focus on allowing things to work out, even if you have no idea right now how it well happen.

What do you need to allow right now?

2 thoughts on “A Gentle Way To Release Stress And Struggle!

  1. I need to allow a minute of quiet. Not that I would ever fight it, but after a stressful few months of re-branding my blog and running into various setbacks it is now up and it’s time now to just breathe.
    *exhales loudly*
    Stopping by from All Mum Said http://allmumsaid.com.au. I found you from the Big Blog Day. xx

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