Fabulous Festive Food – No Cooking Required!

Christmas food can take hours of preparation, lot’s of stress and time!

I love cooking and am pretty handy in the kitchen as I come from a family of foodies. But even I have times when I just want to do something quick and creative without the need to spend hours cooking. For all those non-cooking types out there, these fabulous ideas are clever, look fabulous and will have people amazed by your culinary talent, heehee! 🙂

This is one of the reasons I love Pinterest, it just never fails to deliver an endless supply of creative images to get the ideas flowing.


Mini Pizza makes a perfect starter, just use cookie cutters for Christmas shapes bites.


Turning a boring cheese plate into the shape of a Christmas tree, simply genius!


Store bought or packet mix cupcakes get the Christmas touch with a can of whipped cream, some fresh strawberries and mini marshmallows.


If you can melt some chocolate, pop in to a freezer bag, snip a little hole in one corner and pipe it on to some baking paper, you can turn any cake into a tree scape.


Drinks can easily get the Christmas treatment with the help of some frozen berries and a few mint leaves.


Turn any drink bottle into a cute reign deer with a couple of cute additions.

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