Easter Fun And Frivolity 2013

Do you love the Easter break?

I definately do, 4 days off work, and getting to spend time with my family, all together on the Sunshine Coast.

We made the decision to leave Brisbane on Thursday night, which was the best idea ever, as the traffic heading north was light and we woke up to a beautiful day on Friday morning, whilst many others were battling the freeway.

For me, nothing is better than a swim in the ocean on a warm sunny day, and even though Perigian Beach is looking a little worse for wear following the terrible weather we have been having. The water was warm and I had to drag myself out after about an hour, a little case of sunburn is proof of that.

I come from a family that has it’s roots in the hospitality industry, especially the kitchen, so much of our focus when we get together is about the food, and lot’s of it. You won’t find a cooked chook from the supermarket ever get on to the table at my parents house, beautiful fresh produce is created into wonderful dishes with love and care…….and of course there is wine and champagne and cocktails and chocolate. Stuff the diet, it’s stuff your face instead!


The good crystal comes out to play, with pink bubbles of course!


This was one of my favourties, a salmon rillette, made with poached fresh salmon and smoked salmon, truly delish!

biscotten torte

Biscotten torte is one of my dad’s favourite dessert, so I whipped one up for him, luckily we all love this one full of almonds and Bacardi!

Grey sky’s loomed on Saturday morning, so a little shopping expedition filled the gap before dinner prepartions started for guests joining us for the evening. I scored two amazing bargains, including Miss WW’s formal dress. You can get a sneak peak here.



On Easter Sunday we went out for lunch to the Perigian Springs Golf Club, that was offering a fabulous set menu lunch for only $27.50 per person. For main I had the most delectable Rib steak on the bone, that was so tender and had a fantastic tomato jam with a little chilli kick. But the best bit was this little beauty…..


A super smooth Vanilla Panecotta, Persian Fairy Floss, a dash of Limoncello and homemade Turkish delight, an absolute treat, that I would love to have again right now.

I have a small family, a grand total of 7 when we all get together. When we do, we enjoy each others company, share lot’s of laughs and catch up on all the latest gossip.

I am so very grateful for these events, which just don’t happen often enough, as busy lives just seem to get in the way.

Are your family get togethers fun or frought with danger?

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4 thoughts on “Easter Fun And Frivolity 2013

  1. For the most part as are all fun. I come from a fairly small tribe as well but by the time we combine our siblings partners and children and a few super close 20+year buddies it is slowly starting to grow. Stopping by from FYBF, were are row buddies x

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