How To Clean Your Home Without Using Harmful Chemicals

How To Clean Your Home Without Using Harmful Chemicals

Cleaning your home is important, particularly if you have children with a natural curiosity and very little hygiene sense. While germicides and bleach-based cleaners are very effective at cleaning your home, they can pose a risk to your children and pets, as well as the environment. So here are some more natural and less harmful cleaning options.

essential oils for natural cleaning and air freshening

Pure Essential Oils such as Lemon, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree are great additions to natural cleaning products to make your home smell wonderful whilst at the same time killing off germs!

Hire an Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Company

Whilst we can control the amount of chemicals we use in our homes, the same cannot be said for our work place. Fortunately there are certain cleaning companies, such as AMC Brisbane , use cleaning products that are environmentally friendly. These companies are committed to reducing chemical, electrical and water usage in order to be kinder to the environment. These companies also use recyclable and biodegradable cleaning materials and try to reduce paper and cleaning material wastage in order to be more eco-friendly. These companies are a better choice for your health and the health of the environment, than other companies that use chemical heavy products.

Make your own Cleaning Products

While it may seem a lot of work, making your own cleaning products can be easy. For example, white vinegar diluted with water (about a 50/50 ratio) makes for a great window cleaner and is far less offensive than most ammonia based glass cleaners. By simply adding a few squirts of natural dish soap to this mix to create a heavy duty cleaner for glass and shower surfaces. It can also be used to remove dirt, food stains and grease spots from clothes, laundry and carpets. Pure lemon juice works as a deodoriser, mild bleach and cleaning agent. Similarly, baking soda is a multi-purpose cleaner that can be used to remove dirt, grit, grease and oxidisation from sinks, silverware, pots and pans. Baking soda can also double as a deodoriser for fabric, carpets, rugs and clothes.

Try Steam Cleaning

Nothing is more natural than using water to clean. While room temperature or cold water might not do the trick, using steam-cleaning products can be a great way to keep your house clean without using harmful chemicals. There a many variations of steam mops and steam carpet cleaners on the market today that can be used to keep you floors clean and hygienic. You can even buy hand held steam cleaners for cleaning couches, bedding, linen, curtains and other fabric surfaces.

Implement Plans to Reduce Mess

Preventing mess is a lot easier than having to clean it. In order to do this, you can implement a few simple mess prevention measures. Firstly, ensure that shoes are either cleaned on a doormat or removed before entering the home to prevent trekking mud, dirt or grass into the house. Regularly wash your pet and if they are longhaired, ensure you groom them regularly outside to prevent a build up of fur in your home. Get into the habit of cleaning up surfaces as you are working, this is particularly important in the kitchen. If you keep on top of mess, you will less likely have to resort to harsh chemical cleaners.

Although chemical based cleaning products are the most popular, they are not good for your family, pets or the environment, so, where possible, it’s best to avoid them. What are you tips for keeping your house clean without using harmful chemicals?

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