Aroma-Therapy Thursday, A Natural Solution To Refreshing Beds And Killing Dust Mites!

How many ‘creatures’ do you share your bed with every night?

Probably MILLIONS!

Other than your partner and a possibly a child or two, every night your bed is growing a collection of little invaders that breed relentlessly.

Dust mite

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Dust mites can survive in ANY climate. Our beds provide the perfect home for these minute pests as the moisture we release each night under the covers is just enough to fuel their survival and shed lot’s of skin cells for them to feed on – gross! These tiny pests’s gut contains very potent enzymes that remain active in their excrement, and this can play havoc with asthma sufferers and are major inducers of allergic reactions of wheezing and coughing.

Fortunately there is a simple and natural way to kill of these little pests, leaving your bed fresh and mite free.


Bicarbonate of Soda to the rescue!


2 cups of Bicarb Soda, 8 drops of Lavender pure essential oil and 8 drops of Tea Tree pure essential oil.


Place the bicarb soda in a large container that you can seal. Add 2 drops of essential oil at a time. Place the lid on the container and give a really good shake between each addition.

Remove all sheets and matress protectors from your bed and wash them in a hot wash.

Using a large serving spoon and sieve, cover the entire matress with 3/4 of the mixture. Use the remaining 1/4 to cover your pillows. Allow the mixture to remain on your bed for at least one hour.

Using a vacuum cleaner, remove all the powder.

Your bed will smell devine and be free of dust mites. Repeat this treatment every two months.

I also have a spray bottle filled with water and 10 drops of each essential oil that I lightly squirt on my bed and allow to dry for 15 minutes each time I change the sheets.

Wishing you sweet dreams!

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5 thoughts on “Aroma-Therapy Thursday, A Natural Solution To Refreshing Beds And Killing Dust Mites!

  1. I know these little creatures exist, it’s so creepy! Thanks for the tips. Guess what I’ll be doing this weekend? 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh I never realised that there was a natural treatment to add to the bed! I so can’t wait to try this solution, mind you we don’t have Vacuum,…but I reckon that I will have to try and borrow one so that I can kill off the dust mites.

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