A Simple Technique To Help You Relax and Refocus!

We all have days where it just gets too much! We stress, worry and fret that all is not right in our world. Our minds work overtime replaying the same negative thought patterns or searching for solutions.
How often when we are upset or angry do we hang our heads in our hands?………..This action is is exactly what is required to provide relief, we just have to do things the right way.
This energy technique can work well in just a couple of minutes and can be done anywhere, anytime to help bring a sense of calm. It can also be used to discover new insights or find creative solutions to problems. Many people use this technique to find positive and exciting ideas for projects they are working on, or to find clarity in confusion.
All you need is your head and your hands.  Firstly use your middle fingers to locate the two ‘bumps’ on your forehead that are about two cm above your eyebrows. With your two middle fingers pointing towards each other, lay your fingers horizontally across your forehead to cover the ‘bumps’ and apply very gentle pressure. Leave your fingers there and take some nice deep breaths. It is that simple!
Alternatively you can use the palm of your hand to cover the ‘bumps’, especially if you are out in public, you won’t get weird looks from passers-by.
If your child is having a rough day, this is a wonderful way to help calm them. Give them a big hug and then supporting them with one arm, use the palm of your hand on their forehead. This is also a valuable tool to teach children struggling with study and exams.
Having trouble sleeping? The same technique can be used to help your relax and fall asleep. Just breathe deeply and release stress and worry with each exhalation.

6 thoughts on “A Simple Technique To Help You Relax and Refocus!

    1. Hi Madonna,
      Don’t worry too much if you can’t feel the lumps, your fingers are wide enough that if they are about 2 cm above your brows, you will be in the right zone. Enjoy!

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