“A Night In Paris”, A French Inspired 13th Birthday Party For Miss WW!

My ‘baby’ has become a teenager!!!!!

Miss WW has turned 13, and to celebrate her birthday and her love of all things ‘French’, I themed a pink and black –

 “A Night In Paris” Party!

French inspired food (mostly) plus some sweet treats and it’s time for dinner!


Mini Quiche Puffs

Ham and Cheese Croissants

French Fries

Palmiers – Sugar and Nutella flavoured

Pale Pink Meringues

Pink Jelly Shots

Chocolate and Caramel Crackles

Pink Musk Sticks, Mini Chuppa Cupps and other sweets!

Pale pink meringue bites – my special part chewy and part crunchy recipe!

Palmiers are quick and easy to make, some were the traditional sugar style, and the others I filled with Nutella!

Mini Quiche Puffs are very tasty and easy to make!

Choc/Caramel Crunch Balls filled the cupcake stand and are not very French but they tasted great and were a big hit!

The Eiffel Tower was made from a timber craft pack I found at Lincraft. It took a few hours to put it together and paint it, but was worth the effort and now has pride of place on the top shelf of Miss WW’s desk.

The hanging decorations were simply strips of gift wrap, folded back and forwards to create the consatina pattern, staple the two ends together and then gently press flat. I used sticky take to hold them flat and to stick little ‘paris’ disks in the centres. Pinned to strips of streamers and then to the top of the curtain.

Gorgeous serviettes printed with Macroons were a great find at the cheap shop, as well as the cute plate and tins that went with the theme so well.

We were supposed to have a chocolate fountain as well, but the girls had so much fun, we ran out of time!

Do you like to do themed parties? I can’t ever seem to put a party on that does not follow a theme of some sort!

6 thoughts on ““A Night In Paris”, A French Inspired 13th Birthday Party For Miss WW!

    1. Hi Cheri,
      She is planning on going to Paris for schoolies, no doubt this is just the start of many ‘French’ inspired memories. 🙂

    1. Thanks Kellie,
      I am one of those suckers, who gives both daughters a birthday party every year. Fortunately I have one in January and one in July! This one was easy and the girls had such a good time, I wish I had made it longer as we didn’t get to do everything we had planned! Good luck 🙂

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