10 Presents for Dad You Haven’t Thought of Yet!


It is dad’s special day. A day for you to say ‘thanks’ for teaching you how to catch a ball, tie your shoelaces, and a whole lot more. A day to show your gratitude for those times he said ‘yes’ after mum said ‘no’. But you’ve given him one too many ties, pairs of socks and coffee mugs, so here are 10 presents for dad you haven’t thought of yet. These great ideas are brought to you by MOTackle.

1. Fishing Gear

Does your dad love fishing? Does his gear look old and worn out? He’ll be thrilled with some new stuff – perhaps some rods and fishing lures. Make sure you check out online stores like MOTackle, where you can find a huge range of gear for competitive prices; you can see what’s available here.

2. Imported Liquor

Just when dad thinks he’s had enough of local beers, surprise him with a few bottles of imported whiskey, rum, bourbon, vodka or brandy. Perhaps some Suntory Hibiki, XO, Dimple or Stolichnaya will make him happy.

3. Themed Cookbooks

If your dad is a bit of a whiz in the kitchen, a themed cookbook is ideal. Go with his interests – if he likes barbecuing, get him a book devoted to barbecued food. If he’s into curries, then he’ll love a book packed full of curry recipes. You get the idea.

4. A Good Shaver

After decades of shaving, your dad deserves to pamper himself with a state-of-the-art shaver equipped with all kinds of fancy features and attachments. A shaver and trimmer combination gadget with plenty of battery power could be a useful yet thoughtful present he’ll love.

5. Streaming Stick

A lot of people watch TV programs that are only available online. If your dad is one such person, he’ll appreciate a HDMI streaming stick that will get content from his tablet or phone onto an HDTV. He won’t have to watch his shows on a little screen anymore!

6. Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

This is a must for any fan of grilled/barbecued meat. It’s a handy food thermometer that’s connected to his phone via Bluetooth, so dad can monitor the temperature and achieve his preferred steak or burger without having to hover over the grill.

7. Portable Speaker

Dad doesn’t have to listen to his favourite music through headphones anymore. There are two kinds of speaker – a dock attached to a power supply that can charge his MP3 player, or a Bluetooth speaker so the two devices don’t have to be together. And a lot of them are aesthetically pleasing, making them great for décor.

8. Chillsner

There’s nothing more frustrating than his favourite beer going warm by the time he reaches the bottom of the bottle. This unique device fits into the bottle neck like a cork, chilling the drink and keeping it cold to the last drop.

9. Fitness Tracker

It seems like everyone’s talking about these handy watch-like devices that track your movements, heart rate and sleeping patterns. Provide dad with real insights into his health and help him figure out what he’s doing right or wrong with this gift.

10. Weather-Proof Notebook and Pen

For the nature-loving dad who loves to note down everything he sees on his outdoor adventures, this pad and pen are weather-proof – perfect in rain and snow and able to withstand extreme heat. He can jot down his thoughts to his heart’s content.

Dad did a lot for you. So show him your appreciation and give him something out of the box – he’ll know you put a lot of thought into it!

What is the best fathers day present you have ever given your dad?

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