Wotif Mystery Deal – Fabulous Value and Fun Way To Book Accommodation!

Have you ever booked a Wotif Mystery Hotel?

Being a super bargain Queen, and totally resenting having to pay full price for anything, having to go to Sydney twice a year (both trips within 3 weeks of each other), can send shivers down my spine!

Sydney accommodation is expensive, and of course we only want to stay in the city. No doubt we could get better value in the burbs, but that is not our style. We want shops and coffee within walking distance from our room.

I have always been a big fan of Wotif, probably because everytime we have need to book accommodation, I always get the best deal from them. I have tried other accommodation sites, but they always seem to be much more expensive for exactly the same thing.

On some of our trips, we have used these fabulous Mystery Hotels. A simple procedure, where a hotel has excess rooms, so offers a really good rate to fill them. The only catch is that you don’t know where you are staying until you hit ‘buy it now’. For some that could be quite scary, BUT with a little research, you can narrow down the possibilities quite dramatically, and on the last 3 occassions that I have booked one of these deals, I have managed to guess the hotel we will get before I have even bought the package.

You are given a few hints as to approximate location and the facilities that the hotel offer. Simply browsing through the available properies in the approximate location and wha la!

Our trip to Sydney last weekend was booked using one of these deals, and we got to stay at the beautiful Sofitel.


Being greeted by amazing fresh florals and a chandelier is a great start!

As we had an early start from Brisbane (alarm went off at 4am), by late afternoon we had wandered the streets of Sydney doing a little shopping, we were in need of lunch/dinner/afternoon tea. As my daughter had to compete at National qualifying the next day, I wanted her to have an early night. We ventured downstairs, got a table in the library and ordered our version of lunch and dinner, enough that Miss WW would not go to bed hungry….


Calamari, Tasmanian Salmon and Super Crunch Chips (and a nice scotch and dry) fitted the bill perfectly!

I am not usually one for enjoying hotel foyer stores, as they are usually filled with over-priced merchandise designed for tourists to easily stock up on gifts to take home, but the Sofitel has one shop in the collection of shops downstairs that was right up my alley….

coffee shop

Coffee AND Chocolate, I am in heaven!

Our fabulous night in Sydney was $215.00. We were able to leave our bags with concierge whilst we went shopping and our bags were waiting for us in our room in the afternoon. The Sofitel was also kind enough to up-grade us to a Superior room (without me asking).

Booking a Mystery Deal is fun and fabulous value. Next time you need to book a bed away, make the most of the fabulous offers available and you will be amazed by the value! Wotif offer these deals in so many locations until sold out.

(This is not a sponsered post, I just love to share good value) 🙂

What is your favourite way to save money on booking accommodation?

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12 thoughts on “Wotif Mystery Deal – Fabulous Value and Fun Way To Book Accommodation!

  1. We haven’t used Wotif yet – we have done some of the other Last Minute sort of hotel deals, but you know the hotel at the time of the booking. Its a great way to save money, especially in Sydney where accommodation is so expensive!

  2. I always look at wotif or laterooms for accommodation in the city. We have got some great deals and upgrades too. Never been game enough to go for mystery deal though, maybe we’ll just take the plunge next time 🙂

    1. As you know the approximate location, you really can’t go wrong, the surprise if half the fun of hitting the ‘book now’ button. 🙂

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