When The Dance Mum Decides To Dance!

Physie dance

Like most mums, I have spent years and years chauffeuring my girls from after school activity to another.

They tried gymnastics, karate, jazz, cheer leading, yoga and goodness knows what else.

Nine years ago, a friend of Miss WW said she was going to do ‘Physie’ and she thought she might enjoy it too.

So off we went to another Tuesday and Wednesday night activity.

The only difference is that this one stuck.

Physie is an Australian only dance club that has been going for over 125 years.

We had never heard of this before and little did we know it would take over a big portion of our life.

Classes two nights a week, club competitions, inter club competitions, state finals, national qualifying in Sydney and nationals…at the Opera House, not for me but Miss WW’s finals are in the big white house.

Yep, the life of a physie mum is hard work.

There is tanning, hair pieces, make up, leotards and fishnets.

BUT there is one thing that sets Physie apart from other dance sports.

Ladies of all ages can participate.

Yes, there is a beginner ladies section that dance mums of any age can join.

This 51 year old dance mum is going to actually take to the floor too!

OMG, I must be nuts.

For the last few years I have said I would join, but came up with every excuse under the sun to not start.

Sign-on is on Tuesday night and I am going to sign on the dotted line and start.

Exercising on my own is usually a short lived affair, a group arrangement will make me get up off my butt and go to class.

I will have to wear a leotard.

I will have to tan.

I will have to get a hair piece.

I will have to stretch.

I will have to wear horribly uncomfortable fishnets.

At least you only need all this ‘fun’ stuff for competition time.

Then there is which leotard style to pick and what colour, oh boy!

Right now though, I am off to research super spectacular cellulite treatments, as the dimples need toning down stat!

Have you ever taken up a sport your child participates in?

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