Healthy Hot Chippies

Hot chips are one of the yummiest snacks or meal accompaniment.

Dipped in tomato sauce is just the best.

But with zero nutritional value and oddles of calories, they are not the best choice to eat regularly.

I threw out my deep fryer years ago, so I can’t be tempted to whip up a batch whenever I feel like them.

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I have a great way to turn the humble potato into crunchy ‘chippies’ without all the oil and added calories.

They are easy to make and taste great, the kids will love them, and they make a great side to have with dinner, especially if it is something you can cook in the oven seeing it will be on anyway.

homemade low fat hot chips


– Preheat oven to 200C

– Spray a large baking tray with non-stick cooking spray

– Allow 1 potato per person (as a side dish), peel and cut into thin slices

– Arrange the slices on the tray so that none are overlapping

– Brush lightly with olive oil

– Sprinkle with a little salt and sweet paprika (or any other spice you like, such as garlic salt, chicken salt, chilli powder or rosemary)

– Bake for 30 minutes, turning once until golden and crunchy.

Keep your eye on them as they will burn quickly, I may or may not have done this on numerous occasions!

Do you love hot chips?

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A Special Mothers Day Treat Today….For Me!

I love being a mother, and there is no honour greater than being blessed with children……

Mothers Day this weekend for all the wonderful Aussie mums out there, I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow…you ALL deserve it!

My Mothers Day treats, started early this year!! My eldest Miss WW, and her best friend organised to take us super deserving mothers out for afternoon tea today, what a wonderful idea, keeping in mind that Miss WW is only 16!

For all Brisbanites you will know the institution that is the Shingle Inn, starting with a quaint store in the heart of Brisbane City many years ago, if you wanted a special outing and a indulge in their gorgeous delicate little cupcakes, you got dressed up and headed into ‘town’!

Unfortunately the original Shingle Inn had to close it’s doors, all in the name of progress…….but instead of disappearing into oblivion like so many things enjoyed in the past, they found new places to call home and now a brand new one has opened at my local centre – Brookside.

We had the lovely time and even though I almost shed a tear as they had run out of Vanilla Slices (they make superb ones), I did enjoy my passionfruit cheesecake and it all tasted so much better because of the lovely company we were with and that I didn’t have to pay!

Thanks Miss WW for this great afternoon, I love you, and are so proud to be your mum.