10 Simple Steps For A Healthier New You!


Our health is our greatest asset and when we feel good everything just seems to fall in to place so much easier. We cope better with stress, we have more energy and have more joy to share with the world. A great way to start the New Year is to do a little repair and maintenance on some of your health habits.

None of these are very hard to incorporate  into daily life, but will have very positive effects on your overall health.

  1. Invest in a daily moisturiser that has sunscreen included in it. EVERYONE in the household will look younger and slash the risk of skin cancer if they use it everyday!
  2. Make sure you have breakfast EVERYDAY, It is vital to kick start the metabolism, help balance sugar levels and wake up the brain. Even if it is as simple as a Up & Go drink, it is important to have something that is as healthy as possible.
  3. Use a diary with a page a day that includes everything that you must remember EVERYDAY, stressing about forgetting to pay for a school outing or book you promised to a work collegue can ruin a good day.
  4. Share any form of activity with a friend, partner, child or pet. Get moving whilst keeping it fun and spending quality time with someone you love – double bonus!
  5. Make the effort to take healthy lunches from home, great for the waistline and the budget.
  6. Salads can be so much more than lettuce and tomato on the side of the plate. Find a few quick and easy salad recipies that can become a simple dinner but full of goodness.
  7. It is vital to drink plenty of water, and it can really be hard to get the kids to agree. Freeze water bottles with a few raspberries, blue berries, orange or lime segments in them. They look fantastic, taste great and are so much more tempting.
  8. Indulge in the fruits of the season. They have the best nutritional value and the best value price tag when they are in season.
  9. Take a good quality multi-vitamin EVERYDAY, keeping essential nutrient levels up plays a vital role in feeling good.
  10. Put a big SMILE on your face, even if you are feeling down. Smiling releases ‘feel good’ hormones that relieve stress levels.

These simple tricks will help you to feel good and look good, enjoy!

A Multi-Vitamin a day, a win-win for you and a child in need

 I am a big believer in adding supplements to my diet.

For most of us, with everything we have to do each day, it is no easy task to ensure that we get all the vitamins and minerals we need to function at the best possible level. Processed and package foods, take-away and frozen convenience selections, help us to get meals on the table as quickly as possible, but rob us of good nutrition.

In a perfect world, we would head down to the back yard everyday to pick fresh produce for dinner that night, or would venture to the organic farmers market that is just at the end of your street (I wish) to make selections of super yumminess for every meal, but that is not how it works for most.

A trip to the supermarket does not guarantee that the produce we buy is chock full of all the nutrients we need, as so much of it is grown in soils that have been over farmed, that they just don’t contain the goodness they would have had only a generation ago.

Stress, lack of sleep, chemicals in our homes and pollution also have such a draining effect on our bodies.

Fortunately we can aid the fantastic bodies we have been given, by using supplements to top up the essential vitamins and minerals that our diet just does not supply. Everyone should at least invest in a good daily multi-vitamin and take it each day.

Now, how about another massive benefit of taking a multi-vitamin tablet each day, you are not only doing yourself a big favour, but you can also be helping to reduce the mortality rate of a child in need. When you purchase a NATURES OWN multi-vitamin, a donation is made to VITAMIN ANGELS, a non for profit organisation that has helped over 22 million children receive vitamin supplements that can help them have a healthier life. This truly is a win-win situation.

To learn more about how you can make a difference go to www.naturesown.com.au and start taking your daily dose.