Making Time For Me Everyday – #icad2015

I am no amazing artist but I really do enjoying dabbling in art and craft.

It can be really therapeutic to play with pens, paint or thread. It is no wonder that one of the most current crazes is adult colouring books.

I have been working away on some inspirational art pieces that will one day make into an online store right here.

But like so many of us life is just so damn busy that often my creative pursuits get put on the back burner as work and running the household as a single parent takes up so much of my time.

Flipping through Instagram as you do, I found this little challenge that starts on the 1st of June.

#ICAD2015 is not a competition and there are no prizes, for 61 days you are invited to create a mini art work….on an index card!

The challenge is about the DOING…It is the process of creating each day that matters

#icad2015 art supplies

There is only one rule – you have to create your art on an index card.

I found lined and blank index cards at the newsagent.

Everything else you use is completely up to you.

Pens, paint, pencils, stickers, stamps, washi tape, pictures from magazines or bits of fabric can be used, anything that you can write, draw or stick on will work.

There are daily prompts that you can use for inspiration.

There is also some ‘warm-up’ prompts if you want to start playing now.

There is a Facebook group you can share your creations to, or simply be inspired by what others have done.

Upload your creations to Instagram using the hashtag #icad2015.

Daisy Yellow Art is the creator of this challenge and you can get all the details here!

61 days = 61 cards = 61 little blocks of time to have some fun.

Some people have already been madly prepping cards in readiness. I have just played with a few.

Index card preparation for #icad2015

I like the lined one for lettering or list type cards and will use the blank ones for painted backgrounds as I think they look nicer.

You could use the time each day to make pretty lists or you could make some cards to give to friends and family.

Or you can just do it for you, making time to have a little fun.

Do you make time to do something just for you everyday?

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Just For You June! – Day 1 – An Inspiring Read.

JUST FOR YOU JUNE – Creating the habit of having a little ‘me’ time and reaping the rewards!

We give and give, to our job, to our partner, to our family and friends. We always do everything for everyone, but we don’t often do things just for ourselves.

We deserve to nurture and honour ourselves, you will be happier with-in yourself if you find a little time everyday to do something just for you.

Every day this month, you will find a little treat, task or tip that will be something you can do just for YOU!

Good habbits have to be formed, just like bad habits form if you do the same negative thing on a regular basis.

You are worth it, you are valuable, so do something everyday just for you!


Grab a magazine and a cup of tea, coffee or a glass of champagne if that is more your style and get lost in the beauty of pictures and light reading.


A beautiful magazine that is on a topic you enjoy or would like to know more about will provide you with a lovely respite from the everyday and maybe provide some inspiration for a new project.

Try and buy a magazine that usually do not buy.

If you love cooking, buy a ‘foodie’ mag and you will probably discover a new recipe or 10 that you can try.

If you are into fashion, discover the new season colours, shapes and must have wardrobe essentials.

If you love to craft, maybe look at a new style that you have not yet ventured into.

My favourite are all the health related ones, like Wellbeing, Nature And Health and so forth. Reading one of those always makes me get up off the couch and into the gym!

If you can’t decide on a specific genre, you can’t go past Womens Weekly or Better Homes And Gardens, which venture down lot’s of different paths.

Just relax, breathe and enjoy a little light reading.

What is your favourite magazine?

2012 – Healing and Happenings!

As the world is meant to end today, NOT, it does feel like a good day to share the year that has been!

Two more shifts at work, and I have some glorious days off, getting to spend some time with my amazing family at the beach, I am so looking forward to wining, dining, and a swim in the surf, bring it on!

2011 was one of the toughest years of my life, and I was so looking forward to it being over, and praying that 2012 would see me move forward and stop living in the pain of the past. In February ’11, I became a single parent, 23 years of marriage OVER! My year was full of pain, anger, and fear. I didn’t think I could survive, but thankfully I was born very tough, and even though I still have lapses of anguish, I have many more hours of calm and peace……healing is definately happening, THANK YOU!

beautiful bubble

2012 started with a bang, our January’s usually are like this, no sooner is the festive season over, we laugh in to party mode with my birthday on the 16th and my eldest Miss WW turned sweet 16 on the 27th. A few days later with a Learners Permit in hand, she is learning to drive!

My other daughter had one of her best friends from Korea come and stay with us for two weeks, and I started a new 2nd job, as I have to keep this family afloat, and it has made a huge difference to the financial situtation at WW HQ, so that instead of burying my head in bills sand I was actually able to take control, get things organised, and keep the wolves from the door.

The start of the school year, saw my ‘baby’ take the giant leap into High School. As we only live a few minutes walk away from a big public High School, I enrolled her there, but all the time so concerned that she would get involved with the ‘wrong’ type of kids, or have to face the offer of drugs and goodness knows what else. Fortunately she took to HS like a duck to water, has made the most wonderful new friends who all come from famlies that have very similiar ideals on what is appropriate for girls this age, and to my relief she got through her first year, without a single issue, and brought home lovely report cards, one very happy mum!

Miss 16, is blessed with a wonderful mind and goes to an amazing school for ‘clever’ kids. She works her butt off, but acheives superb results and is heading in to her final year of High School before heading into the big wide world of University to start on her path to becoming a Neuro Surgeon. Very proud of my girls efforts!

As the weather cools, my ‘baby’ became a teenager and had a beautiful ‘Night In Paris’ party with all of her friends. and the world of Physie starts to heat up. Both of my girls are ‘Physie’ girls, a unique Australian culture of precision dance. Our big physie family is awesome, and provides the girls with a great way to keep fit and strong. Miss 13 does it for the fun, but Miss 16 is does it to win! Interclub competitions start the process of competing that culminates in Champion Girl Comp, States and if all goes well, NATIONALS! Miss brains transforms into a real life Barbie

Miss 16 had a great year, and we got to have two trips to Sydney for Nationals qualifying and then she made it into her first Nationals at the Opera House. What an amazing experience for both of us.

Working two jobs doesn’t leave me a lot of spare time, and whilst I have not yet ventured on to the dating floor (yet), I did decide that I needed to expand my social network as all of my wonderful friends are married and even though I still spend time with them enjoying their company, I needed to meet some other people who are in the same boat as me. I discovered with wonderful service called Meetup, a magical on-line invention that lets you start or simply participate in get togethers with people who have similar likes to your own. I have joined coffee groups, dining groups and more. When time allows between work and being executive chauffeur for my girls, I have discovered some wonderful places in Brisbane that I would have never ventured to on my own. Love it!

I did manage quite a few blog posts, got my second e-book  published, and have hatched plans for many more. My aim for 2013 is making more time for me, and my dreams. Lot’s of hard work this year has help to re-build my confidence, I am learning to let go of the past and simply focus on the future and where I want to be. Plenty of miles to still cover, but I am definately getting there!


Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year, to all the wonderful bloggers linking up at With Some Grace today.