Christmas Time In Brisbane City

I would not normally head in to the city on a Thursday night, especially as I have to get up for work at stupid-o-clock in the morning.

In need of some Christmas cheer, I had to say ‘yes’ to a Meetup Group event that was organised for just that purpose.

There is so much happening in the CBD at this time of the year, and when the girls were young, we would take them in to experience all the fun and frivolity, but since they are now teens, that just has not happened.

As the light fades Brisbane city starts to twinkle and sparkle.

Giant ornaments and fairy lights transform the mall.

Christmas time in Brisbane

There were so many people out and about and almost all the shops were trading till 9pm.

We joined the crowds that lined the path for the Myer Christmas Parade. If we had gotten ourselves truly organized (as others had), we would have booked a table at Jo Jo’s and sat upstairs in comfort with a cocktail in hand and enjoyed a birds eye view.

Queen Street Mall Myer Christmas Parade

Giant things everywhere!

Myer Christmas Parade Brisbane

Santa had REAL REINDEER! Just so cute. Poor things were a little spooked, but the handlers did a great job keeping them on track.

After the parade we headed to King George Square.

King George Square Christmas Tree and City Hall

City Hall is a beautiful back drop for the giant Christmas tree.

We didn’t hang around for the City Hall light show as the Christmas markets and fireworks at South Bank beckoned.

Even with rain threatening to fall, there were plenty of people enjoying South Bank looking absolutely gorgeous with lights and super cute market stall awnings that looked like gingerbread houses.

We had just enough time to do a circuit of the markets before we headed to the river bank to grab a spot for the fireworks.

Visit Southbank

We were lucky to choose a spot right in front of one of the barges.

Sushi and Sav Blanc followed.

Coffee and a Caramel Choc Log followed that.

I am so glad I made the effort to join a lovely group and enjoy the all the Christmas cheer available free of charge in the heart of our wonderful city.

I thoroughly recommend joining Meetup and adding your name to a few of your local groups if you need some motivation to get out of the house. This single mumma does need encouraging to leave the comfort of home, but I am always glad I did make the effort.

Have you joined in any fun Christmas activities this year?

Palas Jewellery – The Perfect Present!

Last month I ran away from home to celebrate my 50th Birthday.

The girls and I had a loooong weekend in Adelaide staying with a very special friend I met at school in year 8.

I was very spoilt and received some absolutely beautiful jewellery and from my dear friend, I discovered something new…..jewellery full of spirit and love.

Palas jewellery charms the perfect present

The three charms I received are a blend of gold and silver tones, and I love mixing my metals!

No matter who you would love to spoil with a special gift, there is a message for everyone. Positive words for friendship, affection and protection. There are even some in foreign languages. So maybe a little French or German would suit. We had discovered them earlier in a gorgeous gift shop in Adelaide city and I commented on how divine this collection was. It can be a little overwhelming to choose, so I didn’t buy any, and low and behold that night I received 3.

The complete collection also includes bracelets, bangles, earrings, leather, rings and of course lot’s of charms.

Beautifully created from solid Stirling Silver, Brass and Bronze, they shimmer like gold but don’t have the matching cost, these are so affordable.

Palas Jewellery polishing cloth

Like all metal jewellery it does tarnish, so you can also purchase the fabulous polishing cloth that is loaded with cleaning solution and micro abrasives that have them sparkling like new in  flash. It would definitely be worth including one of these in with your gift.

There are plenty of jewellery and gift stores around Australia that you can purchase from, or you can get totally lost in gorgeousness on the website and have them delivered to your door. If you have a couple of hours to spare (hee hee) head to Palas Jewellery and enjoy access to the entire range. (Not sponsored just sharing bling love)

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My First Christmas As A Single Parent!

It's all a balancing act!


Christmas is well and truly on it’s way, but this year it just does not feel the same. I usually throw myself full steam ahead into all the festivities, and even though I am trying, the joy just is not flowing freely….

After 23 years of marriage, I now find myself as a single mother of two fabulous girls, with soooooo many decisions to make, emotions to deal with and fears to face and at the same time NOT spending the festive season in a sad and sorry state!

I am very proud of myself for not completely losing it (I think I have come very close), for not resorting to medication or alcohol (was very tempted) and for learning to mow the lawn (yes in our house we had a “I clean the toilets – You mow the lawn” rule) but now I do both! The Christmas tree is up and I even put up some Christmas lights up myself (yes I did scream, shout, break a set or two, but never the less some are twinkling merrily at nightfall!

I am eternally greatful for:-

  • The support I have received from family, friends and the federal goverment!
  • We don’t have any custody issues – got that sorted!
  • Most of the time we can now talk on the phone without arguing!
  • The anger has passed and am working though sad mode now (not so painful)!
  • Realising I can survive and eventually thrive!
  • Can sleep in the middle of the bed, eat chocolate in bed and read till all hours of the night in bed!

Some of things that still need sorting:-

  • Who is buying pressies for who?
  • Are Christmas cards being sent, or is it easier not to go there this year?
  • How can dad spend some time with his girls without it being a sad occasion?
  • How do I sit at the Christmas table and not ruin everyone else’s day being sad and feeling a little lost?
  • How do I take down the Christmas lights without breaking them all????????

Even though I still love my husband, I know that we could never be happy together as a couple again. Too much damage has been done, too much pain and anger, too much not dealing with things at the time and allowing the volcano to build and then erupt, but I live in hope that this year, even though Christmas will be tough, each one after this should get easier………..