Strawberry Sugar Body Scrub – A Yummy DIY Beauty Treat

Strawberries are not only wonderful to eat, if you can spare 3 from the punnet, you can make yourself a very refreshing and delightful body scrub!

So often I look at the strawberries in the supermarket and if you are lucky, you get a few that look good to eat, but turn the punnet upside down and the ones at the bottom are mushy and yuck!

For the last couple of weeks though, the strawberries have been absolutely beautiful, so as well as eating them, I made this yummy scrub which I adapted from one that I saw in the Good Taste magazine.


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3 strawberries (tops removed)

1 cup of white sugar

3 drops of lemon pure essential oil

2 tablespoons of coconut oil

Place the strawberries in a small bowl and mash wish a fork, add the sugar and lemon essential oil and coconut oil and stir until combined.

Take the bowl into the shower and moisten your skin with warm water.

Apply the scrub in small circular motions starting at your feet and working your way up. (Do not apply to facial skin as this is too course).

Rinse well and use a face washer to gently rub away any excess scrub.

Your skin will feel super smooth and the strawberries and lemon essential oil have a lovely astringent effect on the skin!


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