Simple Patio Styling Tips For That ‘Other’ Room In Your Home

Simple Patio Styling Tips


Dining outside in your patio on a lovely day helps keep the mess at bay!

If you have a patio, chances are it’s not a part of the house that gets regular attention. This is a shame, as it can be a great place to relax and get away from the world. If you have kids, patios are good way for them to catch some sunshine after school or on the weekends. Luckily, it is easy to spruce up your patio or give yours a new lease on life, especially patios by Additions Building Company and other reputable building contractors. If you don’t think you need professional help yet, read on to discover some simple patio styling tips.


Think of a theme you want your patio to embody and go from there. It doesn’t have to be anything too complex, but if you have a theme in mind, it will make sure you don’t go off track while you are making over your patio. Following a theme for your patio will help you determine which of the thousand design elements – plants, paints, furniture, screening, etc. – will work for you when you’re out shopping. Does what you’re looking at fit with the theme? If not, keep on shopping!


Infuse your patio with a little colour and have some fun at the same time! Coating your patio tiles with a splash of paint might make all the difference and this is the sort of job you can get the kids involved with as well. There are so many other ways to incorporate colour, including the addition of different kinds of rugs or textiles or a set of nice curtains or drapes. Try not to go too crazy with the colours though. Do some research on colour schemes before you buy a whole range of paints and start splashing clashing colours all over your outdoor area.


The right furniture can make a huge impact on a patio. Choose items that are as comfortable as possible without compromising on style. You might want to bring out some of your furniture from inside. You can make them feel more homely and interesting by adding a few pillows here and there and maybe even a rug or a blanket for those chilly nights or maybe a gas heater so you can use it all year round.


Bring a little bit of your backyard to your patio – this will tie the whole look together. This can be as simple as buying some potted plants from the local nursery. If you are a gardening buff, you can transfer some of your existing plants into pots for decoration as well. Green also generates calm, so it is perfect for those of you who use your patio as a relaxation space.

These are just some simple styling tips for your patio that everyone should be able to implement. If you want to make more major changes, you can do so as well, but make sure you do proper research and ask around before you commit to anything. Good luck!

Do you have a patio? What do you think makes your patio exceptional? If you have some tips of your own, please contribute to the conversation and leave a comment in the section down below.

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