Renovation Ideas for Your Living Room That Won’t Hurt Your Pocket

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Renovation Ideas for Your Living Room That Won’t Hurt Your Pocket

The living room is usually one of the largest rooms in the house, so renovations can be costly. It is also one of the most used rooms in the house, so you will get great value for money out of improving this room. There are ways to renovate your living room without breaking the bank. Try concentrating on the things that need the most attention and do them first. Staged renovations can be much easier to fund.


One of the first things to do when considering a renovation is to do your research. Go online and get ideas; is a good place to start if you are looking for inspiration. You will find all sorts of cost saving and DIY ideas online. Here are just a few.

Give the Walls a Facelift

A fresh coat of paint and a new colour palette will give your living room a completely new look. Paint is inexpensive and you can paint your living room yourself. There is probably nothing else you can do as cheaply that will give your living room such a dramatic facelift. When choosing paint colour, keep in mind that it will need to match your existing furniture unless you ready for the expense of new furnishings. Sometimes adding a few cushions and a floor rug will tie your furnishings into your new colour scheme.

Another great renovation idea is to create a feature wall. This idea is inexpensive to create and will add a real focal point to your living room. A feature wall can turn a tired old living room into an up to date and exciting space. You can choose to paint a feature wall in a bold contrasting colour or you can wall paper it. Wall paper is back in vogue and there are some amazing patterns and textures available. Modern wall paper is easy to apply and just as easy to strip, so this idea could be worthwhile. Visit a few wall paper shops and see what is available. It could be quite an adventure!

Fixing the Floor

Another way of creating massive change on a small budget is to give your flooring or floor covering an update. A wooden floor will look brand new if you hire a sander and revarnish it. Tiles are another do-it-yourself idea that can be completed relatively cheaply by a home handyman. A few bright rugs on tiles look fabulous and itโ€™s an easy surface to keep clean. Another inexpensive idea is polished concrete. This is a great surface for a highly trafficked area and it will give your room a whole new modern look. Again, a few rugs will cosy it up nicely.

A Wall of Shelving

Another great low cost renovation that you can add to your living room is a wall of shelving. You can house books and lots of quirky ornaments and family memorabilia on the shelving for a really interesting and cosy look.

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