Natural Solutions For Tired And Puffy Eyes

Do you suffer from puffy eyes?

Puffy eyes are not a good look, and whether they are caused by lack of sleep, excess alcohol consumption, going to bed with your makeup onĀ or from allergies, there are some natural solutions that will have them looking better in no time.

The most important thing is to drink lot’s of water. Even though common sense says ‘why add more water when my body is retaining it’, the truth is when you are dehydrated, your body holds on to every drop of water that it can and will sometimes store it in places that are not convenient. Drinking lot’s of water helps to stabilise fluid levels and reduces the need for your body to store it.


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Try these tricks to find one that works best for you:-

* Cold cucmber slices straight from the fridge is cooling and refreshing.

* Green tea bags that have been used and then placed in the fridge contain tanins that have a wonderful anti-inflamatory effect.

* Soak two eye makeup removal pads with pure witchhazel that has been stored in the fridge.

* Put some chilled water in a small bowl, add two drops of chamomile pure essential oil. Soak two eye makeup removal pads in this solution and place over the eyes.

* Keep two teaspoons in the fridge. Place them curve side down across your eyes.

* Freeze green tea into ice cubes and gently massage the eye area with a cube.

Always make sure you keep your eyes closed when using any of these treatments, as they are intended to work on the skin surrounding your eyes, not your eyeballs!

Do you have any other handy hints to reduce puffy eyes that works for you?

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