How To Remove Stubborn Carpet Stains With An Iron!

Carpet stain removal with an iron

If there is one thing I hate, it is stains on carpets!

They catch my eye every time I walk in the room.

The other day I was fluffing around in my brand new slippers and I remember stepping on something sticky in the kitchen and didn’t think much more about it, until the next morning when I noticed some rather horrid marks on the carpet in the lounge room. As I am the only one that usually sits in that spot, I knew it was my footsies that made the mess.

yucky carpet stains

I grabbed my spray bottle of carpet shampoo and all I managed to achieve was making the patches bigger, not impressed.

So I jumped on to Pinterest (my go-to source for finding rug tips) where I remembered saving some carpet cleaning pins in my Clever Idea’s board.

One of the pins had a natural ‘recipe’ with water, vinegar, dish washing liquid and an iron.

I tried that but it really didn’t make a difference.

So I got my carpet shampoo spray out again, gave the marks a good squirt, wet an old hand towel and plugged in the iron.

With the iron set on high temperature and the steam release open, I placed the wet towel over the stains and ironed them for just a few seconds each.

cleaner carpets with an iron

This after just one attempt. I will give it a few days and will do it again.

It was so easy and really made a huge difference. The white hand towel that I used is so far from white now as the dirt transferred onto it.

I am soooooo happy with the results, that I am going to get the extension cord out and take my iron around the house getting rid of spots that are so evident on a carpet that is so light and a single colour.

Have you got any other great spot removing tips for carpets?

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