How To Organise All Your Gift Wrapping Supplies!

Gift wrapping can be just as difficult as finding the perfect gift, but not any more!

I used to have all my gift wrapping supplies hidden in drawers all over the place, and then when it came time to wrap a pressie in a hurry, I would always discover that I didn’t have a suitable card or wrap to match the recipient.

I was totally over being caught out, so I popped on down to my local discount store, stocked up on supplies and a handy unit to keep everything together. Now I can sneak off into my room if I need to wrap for one of the family and the girls can wrap their own gifts with ease.

gift centre

4 Drawers + Supplies = Sorted!

TOP DRAWER – Cards and Gift Tags


THIRD DRAWER – Ribbon, Curling Ribbon & Bows

BOTTOM DRAWER – Cellophone, Tissue Paper, Sticky Tape, Scissors.

Now everything is neat, tidy and all in one place, just the way I like it, and every couple of months a quick trip to the store to restock, means I never run short again!


If you like gift wrap by the roll, this is the perfect solution for that. Simply buy a garment bag from the discount shop and store them all safely in a spare cupboard. Off cuts and left overs can be put into the paper drawer of your organiser so they don’t go too waste.

Do you have all your gift wrap supplies well organised, please share if you have another clever idea?

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