Author Blog Challenge – Day 4 – Loves And Loathes

Well I have made it to Day 4 and not missed a post, I am usually good at starting these things, but life gets in the way! Was so tempted today too not post, after receiving some news that shocked and saddened me, but decided that I have no control over this nor is there anything I can do about it. Not dwelling in that zone seems like the best choice for me right now!

When it comes to what I am reading, the books around me fall in to just a few catagories and the rest have no room on bedside table….


  • Self Development/Self Improvement – We are the ‘authors’ of our own lives and I am making mine the best possible.
  • Historical – Facinated with time gone by, ancient history especially.
  • Business/Success Stories – Love being inspired by the success of others.
  • Harry Potter
  • Magazines – Totally addicted to magazines and would love to subscribe to every fashion, home, food, travel, business, investment or craft mag ever created, thankfully the library provides my ‘fixes’ for free!
  • The Sunday Newspaper – Too much newspaper reading, filled with too much bad news, not my choice for good reading, my homepage gives me all the latest headlines so that I am not totally ignorant to the happenings in the world.
  • Health and Well-being
  • Cookbooks


  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy (other than Harry Potter)
  • Western
  • War
  • Horror, Crime, Murder, or anything else that is going to make me sad or scared, real life can offer enough of that, don’t need to spend my precious reading time feeling depressed!

I adore reading and it really is one of my favourite ways to spend some time relaxing, I love every book that I own, and I really keep my local library busy with very extensive borrowing!

What is your all time favourite book?

3 thoughts on “Author Blog Challenge – Day 4 – Loves And Loathes

  1. Lots of similarities there with me although Sunday Newspapers and Harry Potter don’t really feature for me. I have enjoyed pausing to reflect though… x

  2. I agree. I don’t like to waste my time on reading stuff that’s depressing and only going to bring me down. I’ve got enough of that in real life.

    Thanks for sharing. I appreciate your viewpoint.

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