Author Blog Challenge – Day 11 – Me, Myself & I

Describe your editing process…..

 Who edited your book? What was your relationship with your editor like? 

My editing process was definately a me, myself and I process…….It was not just the writing of the book that was part of this project, it was seeing if I could see the whole process through and get it on Kindle for sale, all by myself.

With zero knowledge when I started, it was a major learning curve, but a very rewarding one. Even with a few stumbles along the way, like having to lodge the Kindle edition 3 times before I was happy with how it looked and read, I did get it and I am proud of my efforts.

I did all the editing, reading, re-reading and re-reading again. Breaking it down into small chunks, until bit by bit, I got through it. I kept adding more and more, until I finally held up the white flag and went enough is enough, time to stop!

And my editor, well, she is impatient, short-tempered, a perfectionist and one hell of a critic, always nit picking every little thing, but I really do love her (hehe).

I would do it all over again! My titles list keeps growing, so I should become quite the expert, as long as I don’t sack myself and let someone else do the job for me.

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