3 Quick Ways to Clean the House

 Get the housework done fast


Most of us can relate to the feeling of sheer panic when we told that guests are on their way and the house is not just untidy, but dirty too. This post is in collaboration with Absolute Domestics, the sure fire way to get a home clean pronto! Even if guests aren’t about to drop by, there is a good chance that you will not want to waste all of your time cleaning, no matter how much your house needs a good going over.The great news is that there are strategies you can use to speedily clean your home.

1. Use professional cleaners

The absolute best use of your time when it comes to cleaning is to engage professional cleaners, such as Absolute Domestics to get your home spotlessly clean and fresh. Professional cleaners really will take a huge amount of stress from you by coming in and quickly, thoroughly and efficiently cleaning your home. Professional cleaners willingly tackle the cleaning jobs that you least enjoy and will do the tasks that you know have needed doing for a very long time (think grimy bathrooms and dusty surfaces!).

Many domestic cleaning services are affordable and you can specify the frequency at which your cleaners will come and the areas of the home to which they will devote most attention.

2. Speedy bedroom cleaning

There is a super-fast way to clean bedrooms. Start by stripping linen and remaking the bed. Tuck in the sheets by lifting the mattress with one hand while using the other hand to tuck the sheets beneath.

Next, clear away all clutter. If you are in a frantic hurry to get the room clean, sacrifice a thorough clutter-sorting effort by putting all clutter into a spare bin or basket so that you can sort through the items when you have more time.

Dusting is important, so spend just a little bit of time wiping down all furniture with a dust spray and cloth. Make sure you work from top to bottom to make your dusting efforts all the more efficient.

3. Give the bathrooms a once-over

In your bathroom, start by ensuring that all counters are clear – this will immediately make the room appear cleaner and neater. Using a disinfectant, spray all counters and the bath and leave the spray to settle there and kill germs while you clean the toilet and wipe down the outer surfaces of the toilet.

Following this, return to the bath and counters and wipe them down. It is now time to clean the mirrors. If you have time, wipe the floors over quickly, or return your attention to your bathroom floors when cleaning kitchen floors or the floorboards throughout your home.

Most people are eager to know quick ways to clean the house. Often, cleaning in short bursts, rather than prolonged, massive efforts makes tackling cleaning jobs all the more manageable and pleasant. Professional cleaners are a wonderful option for all people, especially those who are busy, really do not enjoy cleaning or are even a little bit lazy when it comes to cleaning the home.

Do you have any special tips and tricks you could share? Do so by commenting below!

7 thoughts on “3 Quick Ways to Clean the House

  1. Love your blog, Nikki! This is particularly helpful as I’ve only been tasting living the independent must-clean-on-my-own life for a little under a year and honestly, I am hopeless when it comes to cleaning quickly. I end up procrastinating and leaving it for the weekend when I have about 3-4 hours to do all the housework in a go… and it’s tiring and wastes my day. I love that you mentioned doing it in short bursts frequently being more manageable and pleasant. Will give it a go! PS. Feel free to link your blog posts on the Planner Pals AU & NZ group whenever you’ve done one – they are super helpful and definitely fall into our topics of discussion! πŸ™‚

  2. Hi! Great tips Nikki. I usually have hard time to clean the house specially during weekdays when i have a lot of office works. I do the cleaning during the weekend but still the hours is not enough to tidy all things up. Sometimes i hire home cleaners to do the work but it is expensive. I will follow your tips. Thank you

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