I Love My Blog!

I really do love my blog, and I love getting my creative on, especially if I can win something, because I just love winnning!

What am I on about?

Well Brisbane is a bit of a blog back water. All the big blogging events happen ‘down south’ in Sydney or Melbourne. There are not many things exciting things happening in our lovely city, where we can get together, meet and mingle and learn something valuable at the same time. If there, let me know, because I certainly have not stumbled on them!

BUT that is changing, thanks to a clever group of Brisbane bloggers who realise there is plenty of wonderful bloggers in this city who would love a local event that does not require a plane trip in to attend. Blog Power Events are taking steps to rectify this and are holding an event at the end of the month on our local turf, where we can learn some valuable blogging information and put faces to the names of bloggers we follow over a coffee or ten.

A little competition has been announced, an opportunity to win a ticket to this event and I could not resist the change to come up with something and throw my hat in the ring………so here goes, this is what I came up with!


I love my blog

And I want it to grow

But there is so much more

I need to know

I love my blog

And I want to expand

I really want

To start working with brands

I love my blog

I have so much to share

I enjoy every day

I sit in my blogging chair

I love my blog

And over a coffee or two

Would love to meet other bloggers

Who share what I do

I love my blog

Google, Facebook, Instagram wow

I love being social

Such wonderful tools if you know how

I love my blog

So close yet so far

I live on the northside

Just a quick trip in the car

I love my blog

And a glass of wine

I know that grapes

Come from a Vine

I love my blog

I want to go

To the Blog Power Event

To get into the know

I love my blog

But pennies are low

So I am not sure

If I can go

I love my blog

And would love the chance

To win the free ticket

And do a happy dance 🙂

BP Collage


Fingers crossed xxxxxx

Are you going to the Blog Power Work Shop?

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Gratitude Is A Game Changer!


I don’t often enter competitions and when I do I usually don’t win, but this time the results were different, I WON!

Thanks to CONNECT TO AUSSIE MUMS  a Facebook post gave people in Brisbane the opportunity to win a ticket to a one day workshop with Toni Powell for her 30 Day Gratitude Challenge.

Getting home from work in the early hours of Friday morning, I was so excited to receive an email to say that I had won!

Anyone who has taken an interest in the Law Of Attraction will know that GRATITUDE is a powerful key in helping you create the life of your dreams, but more often than not, our minds keep us focused on the negative things as we want to find solutions.

Toni is a fabulous presenter, her wicked sense of humor had me giggling, her ‘story’ had me in tears, her obvious extensive research into the topic of gratitude and how the brain works had me mesmerised with the facts and figures she shared, fun little ‘surprises’ were thrown in during the day to demonstrate how our brain works and even the morning tea was great…I would love another piece of that date slice NOW!

To save us from having to write down the wonderful quotes she shared, the books she recommends we read and spending the whole day scribbling, an email is on it’s way with all those details, how awesome is that!

Toni is living proof of how no matter what ‘shit’ life throws at us, we get to choose how we view it, deal with it and focus on it. I know the power of dwelling in the ‘dark’ stuff and how damaging and draining it is. I am moving forward and armed with all I learned yesterday, have new tools in my arsenal to power on!

If you can, this workshop is worth attending, but as distance will stop many of you joining in, Toni now has the 30 Day Gratitude Challenge available for delivery to your inbox no matter where you are, don’t you just love modern technology?

Thank you for such a wonderful day and a reminder that we all have the power to live in GRATITUDE and make the most of every amazing day we are blessed with.

What are you thankful for TODAY?