Celebrating A Very Successful Week!

My poor blog has been totally neglected this week!

BUT it is not every week that your daughter graduates from High School AND qualifies for Physie Nationals!

This week has been like none other, totally busy and full of very proud mummy moments.

It’s weeks like this that put a smile on my face and bring a tear or 10 to my eyes.

All mummy’s love their kids and want them to be successful. I am simply one of those very lucky mums that has a daughter that is focused on what she wants and just goes out and gets it.


The smile says it all – it’s finally over.

Queensland Academy For Science, Maths and Technology – Class of 2013!

Year 12 is hard work for any student, but QASMT students go through the IB program, which is so much harder, pushes them almost to breaking point and finished a week later than every other Queensland School. In return those that have successfully completed the 3 year program have a diploma that is internationally recognised, have the most incredible study habits and can truly acheive what ever they want. Miss WW like all other QA students almost walked away as the pressure was getting too much, but she managed to keep going and finally last night she and 137 other students took to the stage for the last time in school uniform. I am very proud of myself for containing myself to the use of only 1 tissue….that is a huge effort of my behalf as a whole box would normally be required by this mum.

Now if three weeks of final exams is not enough to test the best of us, we also had to throw in a quick flight down to Sydney for the weekend in the middle of all of this for BJP Physie national qualifying. Physie is a passion of Miss WW’s and her dancing is one of things that kept her sane through the stress of school.


Syndey here we come!

As tempted as I was to not let her try out for nationals, deep down I knew that if she did not go there was a very real chance that she would lose the plot and mess up those final 3 exams……..so off too Sydney we went for the weekend. Flew home late on Sunday night and on Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning she sat those last 3 exams in the best mood.


Miss WW has a prized Golden Ticket, she has qualified for Nationals, so Opera House here we come.

So it has truly been a week of laughs, tears, stress and I am totally exhausted. But, it has been so worth it. All of her hard work has paid off. In early December we will be back down to Sydney and off to the Opera House for a magical night of physie and Miss WW is one step closer on her long journey to becoming a neuro-surgeon.

Motherhood is mayhem and magic all rolled into one!

I wonder how many blonde, dancing, surgeons there are in this world?

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